Concrete Laser Screed For Sale In Canada

laser screed for sale in canada

Welcome Canadian customers to understand our laser screed machines. Now We have agents in Canada to provide you with good service, look forward to your inquiry!

About Features

Our laser screed machine not only has excellent leveling effect, but also have a high construction efficiency, under normal circumstances when your concrete is sufficient, the leveling efficiency of our machine can reach more than 300㎡/h. At the same time, using laser screed can reduce a lot of formwork, coupled with higher construction efficiency, you can reduce a lot of labors input.

About Quality

Most of the accessories on Hiking laser screed are purchased from well-known international manufacturers. For example, our laser system is Leica brand, our engine is imported from Japan Honda engine and the United States imported B&G engine, hydraulic system is imported from Italy Atom With Rexroth imported from Germany, these high-quality accessories and our years of assembly experience have ensured that our machine has excellent stability and quality. At the same time, our machines provide you with one-year free after-sales service and lifetime cost warranty. If there is a problem with your machine, our Canadian agent will solve the problem for you in time.

Laser Screed Products In Canada

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IF you need to know more about the Laser screed, you can leave your contact in the below from, We will contact you in 24 hours.

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