Hand Hydraulic Forklift Truck

SCC-200c Hydraulic Hand Lift Truck


Scc-240c Hand lift truck is a general small material handling machine. The machine is hydraulically driven and easy to operate. It can lift and load the goods less than 200Kg by one person. It can avoid the danger of lifting goods by one or two people, and reduce the damage of back and waist in the process of carrying and lifting. Scc-240c Hand lift truck is very convenient for transportation, and the weight of its main engine is only 40kg. It can be folded to occupy a small space, and one can easily carry it to a small vehicle for transportation.

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scc200 hand lift truck

Product NameSCC-200 Hydraulic Hand lift truck
Lifting Force200kg/440lb
Maximum Lifting Height1.4m
Body Weight40kg
Body Material7075 Aviation Aluminum
Power48V lithium Battery
Push Rod PowerHydraulic Pressure
Lift CycleFully charged for 8 hours


  1. The push rod adopts hydraulic actuator to provide greater lifting force for the machine.
  2. The fuselage is made of 7075 high-strength aviation aluminum, which is lighter in weight and higher in strength.
  3. It’seasy to carry with the foldable front fork,.
  4. It has the foldable fuselage, weighing only 40kg, convenient for transportation.
  5. The machine body adopts riveting technology, which is durable and convenient for maintenance.
  6. It isequipped with a variety of stone clamps, so you can easily handle and load all kinds of stones.

Hydraulic hand lift truckHydraulic hand lift truckHydraulic hand lift truckHydraulic hand lift truckHydraulic hand lift truckHydraulic hand lift truck

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