Flatness and level of quality are higher——Ground level that achieves laser level accuracy, The ground level and level are 2-3 times that of manual leveling. Concrete compactness is increased by more than 20%, It is also suitable for dry hard concrete, fiber concrete and large aggregate concrete. By reducing the number of seams, it is possible to carry out the construction without any seams. Defects on the large-area concrete floor due to maintenance and formwork support may cause defects such as breakage along the seam. These problems can be avoided by laser screed and slitting. Construction is faster -Increased work efficiency by 100-300%(300 square meters of paving work per hour, an average of 2000-3500 square meters per day), And reduce labor by more than 30%, It is especially suitable for engineering projects with tight schedules, large paving area and high quality requirements. The ground is more holistic – it’s very easy to achieve large-area overall paving, On the one hand, the overall paving technology can avoid the problems of easy hollowing and easy cracking caused by layered pouring of the floor. On the other hand, a large number of construction joints can be reduced to make the ground more versatile. This is not easy to achieve with other construction techniques. Reduces post-maintenance costs on the ground, Due to the large area of the overall paving can reduce the construction joint more than 3 times. The construction joints are easily damaged by the wheel load, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the ground.