1. The time interval of each start-up should not be less than 10s.

2. In the process of equipment shutdown and transfer, the pulling ring of hub center plug should be pulled out before the tire can be rotated.

3. In the process of equipment transfer, the arm can be lifted manually to control the height of the leveling head.

4. After completion of construction, please lift the nose manually by using the lifting button, and then withdraw from the construction site. It is forbidden to push the machine in the vibration and leveling parts and the ground contact state, so as to prevent damage to the vibration plate.

5. It is strictly forbidden to insert air plugs in operation, to rotate the fixed part of laser receiver by force, and to rotate the fixed part of metal air plug.

HIKING Concrete laser screed machine

6. It is strictly forbidden for those who are not familiar with the performance of the machine to start the machine. They need to receive training before operation.

7. It is strictly forbidden to aim the eyes at the laser beam for a long time.

8. Machines shall not be used under construction in thunderstorm weather.

9. In the process of stopping leveling or turning, the vibration motor must be shut down first.

10. In the process of turning, the speed knob must be adjusted to the position below 3.

11. Check the fastening bolts of vibration motor every 100 hours.

12. The joint head of the lifting frame is refueled once a day.

13. Calcium-based butter is added to the axle head of the wheel every 50 hours.

14. The scraper coupling shaft is filled with oil once a day.

HIKING Laser screed machine

15. It is strictly forbidden to move the laser transmitter when it is turned on.

16. Do not use high-pressure water gun to clean the control box and operation screen and plug the power line of the control box at will.

17. Laser transmitters should be placed in open, non-interference and vibration places, and avoid electromagnetic interference places as far as possible, such as distribution boxes.

18.Handheld receivers snap must be perpendicular scrapers and laser receivers must be in a vertical state.