Comparison between laser screed machine and traditional construction method

The traditional cement concrete paving and leveling method is generally after the artificial concrete shovel, gums and other tools are used to level the cement concrete. Repeated leveling with cement concrete vibrating beams, rollers and scrapers. In this way, on the one hand, it is difficult to obtain the ideal flatness, and the human operation determines the error is large; On the other hand, it relies entirely on manual operations, which consumes a lot of manpower and time, and is costly and inefficient. The most critical issue is that the traditional method cannot accurately control the level difference.

Now the cement concrete flatness is usually measured by ruler. The current standard is 2m/±4mm. With this method, different values are obtained for each measurement, and it is impossible to reflect the level error of the whole ground, so it is gradually replaced by the international F numerical specification. The F values are American Concrete Institute #117 and the Canadian Standard Association (A23.1) are standards for regulating and measuring the leveling and height difference of concrete floors.

With the continuous improvement of the requirements for ground leveling and leveling in modern logistics, workshops, supermarkets, etc., the concept of super flat floor was born. For example, only the ground with excellent flatness can drive unmanned mechanical equipment out of orbit and move at any position; The smaller the level difference of the ground, the more expensive shelves above 8 meters are less likely to fall.

Concrete laser paving and leveling is a prerequisite for the realization of ultra-flat floor. The “hiking” concrete laser paving and screed machine makes the concept of super flat floor a reality. “Hiking” concrete laser paving leveler, by receiving a fixed position laser signal, The confidential hydraulic system is automatically controlled by the computer and automatically leveled. The computer control system automatically adjusts the elevation of the laser emission signal 10 times per second. The vibration frequency of 4000 times per minute in the leveling part. Self-driving operation, flexible movement. The body is small and convenient to transport, and it is also very flexible and convenient to construct in the underground garage and floor. The paving and leveling of 300-500 square meters of cement concrete can be completed every hour, which can shorten the construction period and improve efficiency more effectively.