In the last few years, the construction industry has ushered in its own outbreak, and its scale is growing. During this period of rapid growth, its equipment has also been continuously updated. For example, the concrete laser screed machine that is to be said now, it has slowly replaced the artificial, and has been popularized on some construction sites. If you have doubts about choosing a laser screed, then let’s talk about the comparison between the two.

HIKING laser screed machine

HIKING laser screed machine

  1. Save labor cost more. Anyone who has done construction knows that if you only use manual labor to level the concrete, you need at least 15 people. If you follow the current manual calculation, this daily labor cost will cost more than 3,000 yuan. If the latter is used, it requires half of the original labor, and 8 people can complete the work, which greatly saves labor costs.
  2. More construction time is saved. If manual construction is used, 15 people have a limited amount of work per day, which is less than 800 square meters. If it takes a long time, it will not meet the requirements of the completion schedule at all. But if you use the latter, its construction speed is faster, several times that of manual construction. As a result, its construction cycle has been shortened a lot. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the problem of not being able to complete the work during the work period and asking for help.
  3. More guarantee the quality of construction. If artificial, most of them are based on their own experience. If the experience is not enough, there will often be some cases of unqualified quality such as cracking. If a laser screed is used, its construction procedure has already been entered into the program before the whole machine. It is constructed according to its own procedures, and the quality can be said to be relatively standard, which greatly saves the cost of rework.

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