The concrete laser screed machine is of course the basic equipment in the construction project. Because the concrete floor must be leveled during the laying process. The leveling machines used in the past are all mechanical, and now a new concrete leveling machine has appeared. That is, the application of laser technology to the concrete laser screed machine not only improves the accuracy of the leveling, but also increases the speed.

This technology is of course produced on the premise that laser technology is heavily used in industrial production. Because modern industry requires large factories, large warehouses, and large shopping malls. And these buildings have large areas. There are quite high requirements for the density and flatness of the concrete floor. Traditional leveling technology cannot meet this demand. So people apply laser technology to the leveling of concrete floors. This technology is significantly better than traditional technology. This technology is flat on the ground, and the flatness is greatly improved, which is 4 times that of traditional technology. Strength and compactness have also increased by more than 20%, efficiency has increased by more than 50%, and manpower has been saved by 35%.

hiking laser screed machine

HIKING laser screed machine

This technology is the result of a combination of laser and computer technology. Both the precision of laser technology and the advantages of automatic computer control. Due to its various advantages, it is especially suitable for the needs of modern engineering.

Although this technology has only been available for more than 30 years, it has been widely used and is now widely used in indoor and outdoor leveling projects. The construction of indoor workshops, underground garages, supermarkets, etc. has been widely used. Outdoor airports, wharfs, squares and other construction also favor it. It can be said that the ground laying of large-scale projects is inseparable from such equipment.

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