Laser screed machine is developed according to the increasing demand of modern industrial plant, large shopping mall, warehouse and other large area cement concrete ground for ground quality, such as strength, flatness, levelness, etc. It has the characteristics of good performance and high efficiency.

A. Preparations:

(1) After the basic treatment, the laser paver is debugged and fixed reference level is drawn according to the original level; non-woven fabrics and side dies are laid, laser transmitters are erected, and ground elevation is introduced into laser leveller according to the original level. (2) The concrete is transported by commercial concrete. The commercial concrete is transported to the entrance and exit of the garage by tank truck, and then transported to the construction site by three-wheel dumper truck. (3) The elevation of the ground floor is checked by hand-held laser receiver, and the elevation is introduced into the laser paver to adjust the reference point (±0.00) on the leveller.

laser screed machine a100
laser screed machine

B. Concrete paving:

(1) After the formwork is supported, the warehouse should be cleaned one day in advance and soaked with water before pouring concrete. When approaching pouring, drain open water, sweep cement slurry or interface agent. Obvious water accumulation is strictly prohibited at this time. If so, the concrete can be paved only if it is removed resolutely.(2) After the concrete is laid down, it is preliminarily flattened. The flattened height should be 3 cm thicker than the elevation. Then it is leveled with a laser paver. The corners which can not be leveled can be leveled by gasoline leveling ruler or manual method. (3) When the warehouse near the wall is being poured, it must be scraped with a scraper ruler in time after the leveller has passed. (4) For concrete mixer can not drive to the site area, but also use tractors to transport concrete. After the completion of the pouring, the floor lighting construction will begin when the concrete is initially solidified.

C. In construction, the laser signal received by the laser paver receiver (10 times per second ) automatically adjusts the elevation in real time to ensure that the construction elevation is always in the set standard. Because the laser transmitter is fixed after being set up, it can ensure that the construction of large area of the ground does not produce cumulative errors.

D. During the construction, the operator uses a hand-held laser receiver to inspect the ground after the construction of the machine to ensure that the smoothness error is within the controllable range again.

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  1. It is necessary to ensure that all parts of the laser screed machine are connected perfectly, without any loosening, so as to prevent problems in the operation process.
  2. Add enough lubricating oil to laser screed machine in advance to improve the flexibility of controller, so as to improve work efficiency.
  3. The surface insulation of cable must be complete, and the slightly damaged parts should be treated with caution until they are all in good condition. This can not only ensure the safety of construction personnel, but also the safety of passers-by.
  4. After turning on the power supply, it is necessary to check the direction of the motor rotation. If there is a mistake, it is necessary to change the line immediately in order to avoid greater problems in working hours.
  5. Laser screed machine operators should undergo professional training, such as in the operation process, they can not tilt, can not grasp too tight and other elements should be mastered well, in order to avoid accidents accidentally.
  6. Laser screed machine in the construction process, needs density of soil, can repeat consolidation, do not move back and forth, so even if the result is the same, it will spend more energy on moving, not economical.