Hiking seat type concrete laser screed machine advantages:

  1. The seat-type laser screed machine adopts the electric control operation mode,the electric control mode, the control is flexible, and the single person can operate and construct;
  2. The movement of the laser screed machine is flexible and convenient. Through the electronically controlled walking system, the laser leveling machine can move freely without affecting the leveling head;
  3. The laser screed machine uses an electro-hydraulic system to control the forward, backward, steering and travel speed of the wheels, which is very convenient to move;
  4. The laser emitters of the laser screed machine are independently arranged: large-area whole paving, and ensuring the consistency of the ground level. The elevation of the laser screed machine is not controlled by the template, and no error is generated. The large-area block construction can reduce the construction joints. Make the ground maintenance costs greatly reduced;
  5. The structure of the laser screed machine is an integrated leveling head: it consists of scraper, vibrator, vibrating plate, stirrer and other components. It will mix, level, level, vibrate, and so on. Sexual completion. Improve efficiency and save labor.