In the past concrete pouring construction technology, contractors only employed individuals for artificial concrete pouring and there was no other choice. With the development of the times, the daily work of the contractors and every worker in the concrete industry has reformed completely by the laser screed machine. The following are the primary methods for the laser screed machine to improve production efficiency in various construction sites:

hiking laser screed
HIKING laser screed

1. Saving the cost of workers

HIKING concrete laser screed machine not only levels the ground, but also completes all the work  as soon as possible. It is also very fast and requires very few people compared with manual leveling and lighting. Ultimately, these factors improve productivity and efficiency.

For example, it used to take four or five days to complete the work with fifteen or sixteen construction personnel. Now it only needs six or seven people to complete with concrete laser screed machine. From the perspective of labor force, each work saves a lot of costs for the company.

Investment in laser leveling technology can reduce labor costs because you only need a few people to operate the machine. This reduces labor costs, and keeps uniform quality. 6 to 7 workers can complete more than work of 3,000 square meters, which is absolutely impossible in the past concrete construction.

2. Less time each project takes.

In addition to saving money, HIKING concrete laser screed machine can also make the project completed quickly, and can promise higher accuracy compared with any other concrete equipment currently used. Concrete contractors are able to complete projects with higher quality and efficiency, producing larger areas of floor every day. Our products are durable and can save you a lot of time and money in maintenance and repair of faulty equipment. The owners and contractors have received positive feedback on the projects completed by using laser screed machine. They all agree that this is a great investment.

HIKING Laser screed

3. Providing market competitive advantages for business

The technology of HIKING concrete laser screed machine has provided the companies in the concrete industry with the competitive advantage in the market. HIKING concrete laser screed machine can also enable these companies to participate in the competition of larger projects, increase business volume, and be active in the market. It is not affected by the stagnant markets and the scale of the existing labor force. And with the concrete laser screed machine, concrete contractors and employees can promptly and efficiently complete the project in time, while other companies in the concrete industry are unable to complete the project like this unless they also have a concrete laser screed machine.

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