Laser screed flooring machine is a construction equipment which can make one forming concrete for large area of superflat floor, it is widely used in large industrial factory building, warehouse, logistics and other floor construction.

Technical process of laser screed flooring

Cooperating with laser system and computer control system, the leveling head driven by hydraulic accomplishes leveling work while automatically execute leveling. The leveling head is equipped with a integrally designed scraper blade, screw drive bearing, vibrator and leveling beam, concrete pavement and leveling work are integrated and accomplished by laser screed flooring  just in one time.

laser screed
laser screed

One-stop scope: slope on the bottom of leveling beam is acted as a trowel, during vibrating and walking, the trowel is worked for striking, so concrete surface is shining and smooth. As the above mentioned components is an integrated design, the whole process is controlled by machine, so laser screed flooring saves some construction process which waste labor and time such as struck by long darby, rolled by roller, spraying water on mud, twisting and beating by wood flat, artificial floating and so on. Laser screed flooring adopts laser leveling method without setting control line and conventional manual work to control scale height. The scale height is controlled by computer, control frequency reaches to 10 seconds per time, although it constructs in high speed, scale height can be controlled accurately.

laser screed
laser screed

On the basis of conventional construction method that combines guide rail and leveling beam, the requirements that levelness error of each 3m for any direction of floor less than 3mm, and levelness error of each 1m for floor profile less than 3mm are not meet.

One-stop construction technology of laser screed flooring machine in large superflat floor is applied for floor construction of large industrial workshop, warehouse and logistics, this technology features:

  1. Scale height of floor is automatically controlled by laser and computer, and adjusted in real-time (adjusted 10 times per second), to ensure of precise leveling, test have indicates that concrete levelness by laser leveling is increased by 3-5 times compared with conventional construction method;
  2. Lengthways and crosswise slope is accomplished by computer through automatic control system, to ensure precise control and implementation of floor scope;
  3. Work efficiency is greatly enhanced, test has proved that floor pavement leveled by laser screed flooring can work 4000 square meters per day; while leveled by traditional method vibrating beam it can work 900 square meters;
  4. Independent arrangement of laser emitter make large pavement of floor construction and ensure consistency of scale height, the scale height won’t be controlled by formwork, and won’t generate accumulative error, compared with traditional method it can greatly decrease construction joint, it also saves dosage of later maintenance and formwork;
  5. The laser screed flooring head is constituted of scraper blade , screw, vibrator and leveling beam, multiple processes are integrated together during construction (scraper blade scrapes redundant concrete, roller rolls, wooden trowel floats and worker floats), the machine finish the work in one-stop;
  6. Vibrating frequency of vibrator is 3000 times per min, allowing laser screed flooring be used in hard concrete, steel fiber concrete and aggregate concrete.
laser screed
laser screed

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