Laser screed machine compared to traditional construction:

  1. Traditional method construction method:

Need to control the branch line, support channel steel, support the channel steel to pour concrete, After the p aving, pull the side with a roller and scrape it with a scraper. After the completion, the initial setting is reached and then the sander is applied. Dot, pull the empty line.

  1. Laser screed machine construction process:

The concrete laser screed machine uses a scraper to take the raised concrete away and initially flatten it, Meet the design requirements. Using a two-wheel automatic walking system, The vibration frequency is 4000 times/min. Drive the entire vibrating plate together to vibrate the concrete. The concrete laser leveling machine has a construction width of 2.5 meters.

The laser screed does not need to pull the control line. There is also no need for a side template to control the ground level. And the laser measurement and control system on the leveling machine is controlled in real time. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the planer moves, it is ensured that the overall elevation of the paved ground is not affected.

  1. laser screed machine construction process: First, find the elevation through the reference point and adjust the laser emitter control level. Then pour the concrete directly, The machine is flattened, lifted and compacted at one time. The realization of large area paving.