Maintence of the walk behind concrete laser screed machine

1.1Cleaning of the whole walk behind concrete laser screed machine

  • (1). When the laser screed work finished, use the lifting cylinder manually to lift the panel, then exit the construction site. It is forbidden to make the machine walk while the vibrating part is in contact with the ground, to avoid damage to the vibration plate.
  • (2)When work finished, You need to wash the machine with a high-pressure water gun in time (Water gun is forbidden aimed at the mesh part of the fuselage to wash, so as water into the fuselage, resulting in short-circuit and so on ).
  • (3)The place where the machine is placed must be kept dry, no debris or inflammable or explosive materials may be piled around.

1.2Maintenance of laser transmitter

1Maintenance after use

  • (1)Wipe dirt and remove dirt or grease with tissue paper or cotton cloth, no laser oscillation or excessive operation is prohibited, handle with care.
  • (2)If there’s too much stain, soak it with a soft cloth in a water diluted with a mild detergent and clear it after drying, do not use volatile oils, thinners, gasoline and other chemicals.

2Cleaning of The laser screed’s LCD screen

  • (1)Remove dirt with organic resin or with a special cleaning cloth.
  • (2)If there are too many stains, it can be cleaned with the lens cleaning solution.

3Battery handling

  • (1)If the instrument does not use for a long time, make sure all batteries are removed and stored properly from the host and receiver as well as the remote control.
  • (2)The transmitter is equipped with rechargeable batteries, Charge time is 8 hours.
  • (3)Please charge after all the power has been used, try to make sure you charge 8 hours at a time.(The first charging time is recommended for 12 hours, you can charge 8 hours later, to avoid damage to the battery and emitter, unplug the power plug in time).

1.3 A detailed description of the maintenance of the main components of the walk behind laser screed machine

maitain of the walk behind laser screed machine

maitain of the walk behind laser screed machine2

2 Fault identification and maintenance of the walk behind laser screed machine

1Launcher cannot start

Reason:The transmitter is short of power

Method:Charge the battery or replace the battery

  • The digital receiver cannot start

Reason:Short of power

Method:Replace the battery

Reason:Man-made damage

Method:Replace the digital receiver

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