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The concrete laser screed machine can not only improve the efficiency of ground engineering, but save time and labor. If you have any need, welcome to have a visit. With the China’s booming economy, the development of Railways and highways is very rapid and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. In this way, […]

HIKING Laser screed

Everyone knows that the current technology can be said to be more powerful. With the continuous advancement of the times, the emergence of various super-advanced machines has truly reduced the working hours of people and greatly improved the speed of work. Moreover, we all know that the emergence of some machines has reduced the input […]

HIKING Laser screed

For the machine, it detects the ground through its own various equipment and then performs the necessary processing. His own machinery consists of many parts. The simplest one is the ray launcher, and the high-frequency oscillating machine. The most critical must be the engine he wears, and the design of the entire machine, which requires […]

HIKING Laser screed

The working principle is mainly through its own various equipment. For example, the more advanced laser technology is that he can perform hundreds of data calculations and feedbacks in one minute. There is also the use of complex closed-loop control technology, accurately react various conditions of construction to the brain of the device through a […]

HIKING Laser screed

In recent years, due to the continuous rise in housing prices, many industry elites have joined the real estate industry. And because in recent years, due to the rapid development of China, all kinds of buildings have a relatively fast updating ability, which also leads to the construction industry in China running very fast. Rapid […]

HIKING Laser screed

First you must know what working range the concrete laser screed machine can work in. The most suitable leveling machine is then selected according to the different materials and thicknesses. When choosing this, try not to select materials or thickness that exceeds or falls below the working range of the laser screed. Because it is […]

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In the last few years, the construction industry has ushered in its own outbreak, and its scale is growing. During this period of rapid growth, its equipment has also been continuously updated. For example, the concrete laser screed machine that is to be said now, it has slowly replaced the artificial, and has been popularized […]

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First, the construction of the laser screed machine can greatly reduce the labor cost of the construction side, and the mechanical efficiency is far greater than the artificial efficiency The traditional construction requires nearly 20 people to carry out the construction site template (channel steel), management and laying, and complete a flat area of 700 […]