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laser screed

1. The time interval of each start-up should not be less than 10s. 2. In the process of equipment shutdown and transfer, the pulling ring of hub center plug should be pulled out before the tire can be rotated. 3. In the process of equipment transfer, the arm can be lifted manually to control the […]

concrete laser screed machine

1. The transmitter or handheld receiver can not work properly or the transmitter power indicator flashes frequently. Solution: Replace batteries or charge. 2. The signal of laser receiver is unstable or the short distance indicator does not change. Solution: Adjust the length of the cylindrical tie rod until the receiver column is in a vertical […]

1. Formwork layout When laser screed machine is used to level concrete, if the area of concrete needed to be leveled is too large to be completed at one time, side formwork should be installed at the area you want to construct at each time. For example, if you have a 10,000 square-meter project, it […]

In the past concrete pouring construction technology, contractors only employed individuals for artificial concrete pouring and there was no other choice. With the development of the times, the daily work of the contractors and every worker in the concrete industry has reformed completely by the laser screed machine. The following are the primary methods for […]

Owners, designers and builders of warehouses and distribution facilities generally believe that the quality of concrete floors is determined by their surface smoothness and levelness. However, the fact is that the flatness and levelness only determine the surface profile of the floor, and can not guarantee its overall quality. In many cases, efforts to achieve […]

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For many buildings nowadays, the most basic is probably the paving and leveling of concrete floor. In the past, it did not develop so fast as it is now, so there would be irregularities in the construction of large areas of concrete floor. Later, people slowly invented some methods which were instead  more time-consuming and […]

HIKING Concrete laser screed

Laser screed machine, simply speaking, is the standard plane of the laser, using the receiver to achieve high-precision control of the leveling head so as to achieve the effect of accurate and rapid leveling of concrete. Laser screed machine mainly consists of transmitter, receiver, laser measurement and control and computer control center. Laser is generated […]

HIKING Concrete Laser screed

The concrete laser screed machine can not only improve the efficiency of ground engineering, but save time and labor. If you have any need, welcome to have a visit. With the China’s booming economy, the development of Railways and highways is very rapid and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. In this way, […]