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First you must know what working range the concrete laser screed machine can work in. The most suitable leveling machine is then selected according to the different materials and thicknesses. When choosing this, try not to select materials or thickness that exceeds or falls below the working range of the laser screed. Because it is […]

HIKING laser screed machine

In the last few years, the construction industry has ushered in its own outbreak, and its scale is growing. During this period of rapid growth, its equipment has also been continuously updated. For example, the concrete laser screed machine that is to be said now, it has slowly replaced the artificial, and has been popularized […]

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First, the construction of the laser screed machine can greatly reduce the labor cost of the construction side, and the mechanical efficiency is far greater than the artificial efficiency The traditional construction requires nearly 20 people to carry out the construction site template (channel steel), management and laying, and complete a flat area of 700 […]

hiking laser screed machine

The concrete laser screed machine is of course the basic equipment in the construction project. Because the concrete floor must be leveled during the laying process. The leveling machines used in the past are all mechanical, and now a new concrete leveling machine has appeared. That is, the application of laser technology to the concrete […]

For concrete laser screed machine, as the name suggests, it is the use of a laser to make the concrete more flat. Most of these machines are used in factories and shopping malls as well as in factory buildings. Because these places have high requirements for the leveling of the ground. And its use is […]

In the construction industry in China, the use of large-scale machinery and equipment has become a status quo. Because the use of large machines can effectively reduce the cost of human resources. And large equipment can generally be used for decades to decades, with small investment and long return time. And it seems to be […]

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Once, I accidentally came into contact with the construction industry and learned that a machine commonly used in this industry is called a laser screed machine. This kind of machine is really amazing. The large area of flat concrete is constructed with this kind of equipment. A large number of workshops, underground garages and other […]

As far as China’s construction industry is concerned, the choice of laser screed machine has become a popular trend. This kind of machine can effectively improve the flatness strength of a large area of cement mixed ground, and the like, and saves manpower with high efficiency. Below I will tell you how to choose a […]

With the continuous development of the world economy, under the tide of the Internet economy, a series of industries have been driven to develop and expand. As one of the beneficiaries, the floor area industry needs to complete thousands of square meters of works in the construction. The difficulty coefficient of traditional people leveling is […]