Performance characteristics of two-wheeled walk-behind concrete laser screed machine:

1, Walk-behind, dual control mode

With automatic control mode, the control is flexible and can be operated by one person.

2, Two-wheel independent movement, convenient and flexible

The wheel traveling system is driven by electricity, so that the wheels can move independently without affecting the leveling head. It is very convenient to move by hand to control the forward, backward, steering and traveling speed of the wheels.

3, laser transmitter independent layout

Large-scale overall paving, and ensure that the ground elevation is consistent, the elevation is not controlled by the mother board, there will be no error, large-area block construction, can reduce the construction joints, so that the ground maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

4,One aviation magnesium alloying leveling head

It consists of scraper, vibrator, vibrating plate and other components. It integrates multiple processes such as leveling, shaking, vibrating, and so on. Improve efficiency and save labor.

5, The quality of the high frequency vibrator is more stable

The high-frequency vibrator is 4,000 times per minute, and the high-frequency vibrating of the flattening head vibrating plate makes the concrete ground dense and can avoid the ground turtle (jūn) crack caused by the deformation. It can effectively solve the problem of empty drums, shelling, cracking and inequality on the ground.

6, The leveling head and the fuselage do not affect each other

In the case of a double transition of the foundation’s ups and downs and the ground tilt, the construction is kept flat.

7, The laser measurement and control system automatically controls the elevation

The design of the top surface of the floor is automatically controlled by the laser machine computer, which can guarantee a very high ground level. It can directly achieve accurate leveling on the concrete layer. The ground level is not affected by the vibration of the construction template. Invest, reduce construction procedures and speed up construction progress.

8, Construction time

The construction area per hour is more than 300 square meters, and the daily workload can be 2500-3500 square meters, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved.