The star product in the big family of HIKING company is the four-wheeled ride-on laser screed. And currently, if the two-wheeled walk-behind kinds is excluded, then the four-wheeled ride-on kind is the best product in terms of sales volume. Its good sales volume is closely related to its perfect screeding ability, and this perfect screeding ability benefits from its advanced structural features-adopting intermediate articulated design.

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  1. The differences among these three types of ride-on laser screed in articulated structure

Currently, my company produces the four-wheeled ride-on laser screed mainly in types of s840-2, s740, and s940-2 which is a customized type. And the s840-2 is currently the most advanced ride-on laser screed not only in our company but also in the market. It adopts the stand-up operation system(equipped with seats, so you can ride on it to steer). The S740 is the derived type of the s840-2, and the main changes in it is putting the seat inside of the machine. The S940 is a customized machine, and compared with the previous two machine types, the biggest difference in it lies in that its engine is rear-mounted. Although certain differences exist among these three types of machine, they have the same structural features which adopt intermediate articulated design.



  1. What is articulated structure in laser screed?

The articulated structure in the machine refers to that the headstock of the it is independent from the car body. The intermediate part is connected by bearings. It uses a hydraulic push rod to push the headstock so as to make a turn.


  1. To cushion the adverse effects for concrete screed in uneven ground.

The headstock and the tailstock do not bother each other during the swing in rotating shaft square. So during the concrete screed process of this kind of structure, will not influence the headstock with a screed head. So this kind of structure has efficiently improved the stability of this machine, and offers a better screed effect.


  1. Articulated structure brings not only better turning flexibility but also larger turning angle for laser screed.

The turning method of the machine in articulated structure is using strong pushing rod to change the angle of the headstock so as to make a turn. In the meantime, all of these three types of machine have adopted advanced hydraulic fittings. And all of them have dynamic power system, so the sensitivity of the hydraulic pushing rod is very high. And the biggest advantage is that this kind of structure enables the machine to own larger turning angle, which makes its operation be more flexible.



Also, the articulated design has simplified the structure of the laser screed, which is helpful for the later maintenance of the machine. so laser screed which adopts articulated design is currently the most advanced laser screed product in the market.

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