The hiking Laser screeder is suitable for a wide range of ground work, from building floors to large warehouses and multi-storey buildings. Not only can it move faster and more efficiently at complex work sites, but it can also be used on floor-floor cast-in-place boards and on single and double-layer steel bars. Equipped with a new generation of laser systems, the ground level can achieve laser-level accuracy. The performance is remarkable, and it can realize the large-scale overall paving of the concrete building and the ground, saving the template and improving the work efficiency.

At present, China has become a global manufacturing center, and the warehousing and logistics industry has also developed rapidly. In some precision instruments, equipment manufacturing plants, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance workshops, the quality of the ground is very high. Mainly reflected in the high requirements for the flatness of the ground, and requires the ground to wear, durable, and extended maintenance. For example, in some large-scale foreign-invested logistics warehouses, in order to make full use of the land, the warehouse shelves are very high, and some even reach tens of meters. If the ground is not flat enough, it will not only affect the shelf installation, but also cause forklifts. The center of gravity is unstable, and the impact during driving can cause the forklift to shake, there is the danger of the goods falling off or the forklift tipping over. At the same time, the impact of the bumps on the ground during the movement of many forklifts will cause earthquake effects, which is very unsafe for high cargo stacking. . Floor blasting, cracking and non-wearing will increase the number of floor maintenance, increase ground maintenance costs, and also cause downtime losses; ground cracking will increase maintenance costs, and may also result in deprecation or reduced utilization. For high-precision instruments and equipment production lines, if the floor is not flat, it will affect the installation of the equipment. The gap between the equipment base and the ground may cause slight shock during the operation of the equipment, which will not only affect the life of the equipment, but also affect the product quality.

For the above-mentioned floors with special requirements, especially large-area monolithic floors, traditional construction techniques and means are difficult to meet the requirements. For example, in construction technology, advanced construction equipment is used: hiking concrete laser leveling machine, double-disc grinding Machine, dry cutting, not only can shorten the construction period, but also ensure the construction quality is greatly guaranteed. This advanced ground can guarantee normal use for more than 20 years, which can greatly reduce the use and maintenance costs. With the increase of modern industrial plants, convention centers, plazas, airports, and other large-scale and high-quality floor projects, the application of concrete laser levelers in large-scale floor construction will gradually become more and more An essential machine for the ping industry.