1.Basic construction process of concrete

Concrete laser screed machine as a kind of advanced construction equipment for concrete construction, you should deeply understand the whole concrete construction process, so that you could use the machine masterly. The picture 4.1 is the basic construction process of concrete of the domestic industry standards.

Picture 4.1 Basic construction process

Picture 4.1 Basic construction process of the concrete laser screed machine

  • (1) Preparation Details please consider picture 4.2 about the preparation before construction

1.1Adjust the Concrete laser screed machine after dealing with the grass roots, Fix the datum level according to the original level; Laying plastic film, lashing steel net(according to the requirement), set border, laser emitter installation, Introduce floor elevation into the Concrete laser screed machine according to the original level.

1.2 Conveying concrete

Using concrete vehicle transport the concrete, and sent to the construction site.

1.3 Elevation check

Check the floor elevation with a handheld receiver, introduce floor elevation into the Concrete laser screed machine, adjust the reference points on the machine(±0.00).

  • (2) Concrete paving

Within the effective construction of the Concrete laser screed machine, using artificial to make the concrete initial flat 1-2 cm higher than the elevation (the concrete height depends on the slump of the concrete), and the Concrete laser screed machine can complete vibrating, compacting and leveling work at one time.

  • (3) Smoothing

When the cast concrete has just begun to solidify, smoothing with the polishing machine, then trowelling by artificial.

  • (4) Maintenance

After the trowel is finished, no weight should be moved on the floor for at least 7 days, and you should keep the floor wet, spray curing agent for curing (according to the requirement), in order to achieve good maintenance effect, the surface should be covered, isolate the concrete from the exterior, no one is allowed on the floor before the strength of concrete does not meet the requirement.

  • (5) Joint

The cutting seam shall be carried out after the ground surface treatment is finished according to the design requirements, make sure the concrete is finished before it finally condenses, the space, width and depth of the joint shall meet the requirements of design and construction standards.

  • (6)Others

Filling the joint, the concrete cannot be used until reach its strength.

  1. Preparation before construction operation

(1)Installation connection of work device

Correctly connect the vibration leveling part with the fuselage motive part, fasten connecting bolts, installation the B type split pin. As picture 4.1.

Working device installation and connection step

  • Place the work device on a horizontal floor, move the body parts to the right place.
  • Connect the two ends of the connecting frame respectively with the working device and the body; fasten connecting bolts, installation the split
  • Connect the electric push rod and the ends of the two connecting rods with the working device and the body; fasten connecting bolts, installation the split
  • Adjust link rod to working device and body, make sure they are basically in horizontal state.
  • retract rear wheel support
  • Transfer the installed equipment to the construction site.
  • Picture 4.2 Sketch map of installation and connection of working device

    Picture 4.2 Sketch map of installation and connection of working device

(2) Installation and adjustment of Laser system

Install the laser receiver and transmitter correctlySee detailed construction operations for 5

  1. Check before startup

Get into the habit of checking before starting, this is beneficial to people and aircraft safety, never be hasty and careless.

(1) Check oil spills, leaks

Look around the machine, Check for leaks, leaks and anomalies. Particular attention should be paid to the protection of the electric harness seal, if you find abnormal damage, it should be repaired.

(2) Check pin, bolt and nut

Check the vibrating board, connection frame, Check the degree of tightening of bolts, nuts and other loose parts of the driving vibration plate, connecting frame, driven wheel rim and so on, once found loose, should be immediately tightened to the specified torque value.

(3)Check buttons and knobs of the panel operation

  • Check the buttons on the panel, if the reset function, self-locking and other functions are normal in parking mode.
  • Check whether the switches are normal, and if they are on “0” or “1” position.
  1. Starting the machine
  • Check machine condition when it in parking mode, and then starting the machine if it is normal.
  • After the motor is started, check whether all instrument and indicator light is normal.
  • Check whether the operation buttons on the operating panel are working properly one by one in manual mode.
  • After checking the machine, you could use the machine according to the construction requirement if it is in normal state.
  1. Specific construction operation

(1) Choose the right place for the tripod and the launcher

1)、Tighten the screws of the three legs to prevent laser emitters falling.

  • Fix the laser transmitter on tripod or the laser trailer, or installed it on a stable horizontal surface.
  • Please make sure to check the tripod or the laser trailer before starting the launcher, make sure all the bolts and nuts have been tightened.
  • If there are chains on the tripod, they should be loosely strapped to prevent the heat from expanding.
  • You need to hold the tripod tightly when the wind is strong.
Picture 4.3 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 01

Picture 4.3 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 01

2)、The position to install the transmitter is about 1.9 meters from the earth. Turn on the emitter start button to start the transmitter (It is a bit slow to start up the transmitter; you should wait for a moment.). Do not have objects those block signals around, if there are glass around, glass should be shielded so as not to reflect the signal.

3)、Both ground vibration and gales may affect the operation of laser emitters, avoid falling objects and human touch.

(2)Install laser receiver and handheld receiver

1)、Connect the two laser receivers to the plug of the air plug and the fuselage control system, adjust the position of the receiver on the aluminum pole. Note: The air plug is divided to the left and right, please pay attention don’t mix up when installing.

2)、Install handheld receivers, fit the handheld receiver to the measuring rod。

Picture 4.4 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 02

Picture 4.4 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 02

(3)Datum location

1)、After starting the laser emitter, turn on the start button for the handheld receiver, put the end of measuring rod to the standard reference point, then manually adjust the handheld receiver up and down, turn the value on the handheld receiver to zero (Note: The aluminum lever must be vertical).

2)、Equipment adjustment

Start the generator of the machine, place the leveling head of the Concrete laser screed machine on the template, the height of the vibrating plate is basically the same as that of the ground reference point, the vibration board should be stable, cannot shake.

Picture 4.5 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 03

Picture 4.5 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 03

Turn on the automatic button (No. 6 button), the machine will level itself. Turn off the automatic button, check whether the receiver rod is vertical, you can adjust the pull rod to make the receiver lever to be vertical.

Clip the measuring lever to the right of the scraper, press the manual adjustment button on the right to adjust the scraper, set the value on the small receiver to zero, put the measuring rod to the left, press the left manual adjust button to adjust the scraper, set the value on the small receiver to zero. Measure about 3-5 times both on left and right sides, make sure the value are all zero. Then manually adjust the laser receiver up and down, adjust the laser receiver to green light, shake the receiver lever to make sure the light is green, or you should adjust the laser receiver.

Press left and right manual adjusting button to disturb the rising scraper, and then turn on the automatic button, the scraper will return reference point automatically, measuring both sides of squeegee with hand receiver, make sure the value is within 1 mm, otherwise, you should adjust the laser receiver again.


According to the construction area planning, the pump truck will dump the concrete to the specified location, the concrete laid on the ground smoothly, the paving width is about half meter exceeding the vibrating plate, and the length must be within 25meters.The paving work is done manually.

Measured with hand-held receivers by surveyors, the height is around 5mm, equal thickness of the remaining surface can be set (adjust the early spread according to the concrete slump).

Lift the vibration panel after the machine starts; adjust the walking speed and direction to make it to work state. When the fuselage arrives at the designated place, lower the vibration board, then turn on the automatic button. The receiver is shown to adjust the speed of the green light, turn on back walk (Pay attention to the construction direction, adjust in time).

  • During the construction of the machine, the worker should be adding concrete if it is a little, and remove some if there are more.
  • The ground after leveling shall be measured by surveyors to ensure accuracy.(Note: test the standard after leveling 3-10 meters, adjust accordingly)
  • Protective measures shall be provided on the ground after construction(Picket line, felt cloth), to prevent damage.
  • After the completion of the construction, the machine should be placed in a suitable position, the body should be balanced, the squeegee should be higher than the vibrating plate, and then clean the machine. (The power output plug does not enter water, pay attention to safety).
Picture 4.6 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 04

Picture 4.6 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 04

(5) Slope adjustment

The manual mode is activated after the manual mode is turned on. Auto leveling will be turned off in this mode. The following options are available:

  • Change the X axis to manual mode
  • Change the Y axis to manual mode
  • Change all axes to manual mode

After restarting the laser, the laser is in auto mode.

2 Change the X axis to manual mode.

Press the auto / manual mode button after turning on the machine, change the X axis to manual mode, the X- axis and Y- axis of the mark are on the top of the laser transmitter.

1、The X axis is not automatically leveled and the slope needs to be adjusted by the upper and lower arrow buttons in the laser.

2、The X axis LED lamp is red.

3、The Y axis can continue to flatten automatically, and the Y axis LED lights will flicker until leveling. When the X axis is in manual mode, the slope of the X axis can be adjusted.


  • 1、Place the laser emitter on one side of the highest (lowest) horizo​​ntal line, coinciding with the central axis of the laser transmitter.
  • 2、The laser must be set to position, the keyboard face facing low (high) and turn on the transmitter.
Picture 4.7 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 05

Picture 4.7 Schematic diagram of installation and debugging of laser components 05

  • 3、Install the small receiver, place the small receiver at the point where the high point(low point) is near the emitter, adjust the value of the receiver to zero.
  • 4、Adjust the leveler with the small receiver.
  • 5、Put the small receiver to the low point, adjust the laser emitter, press the angle button, X red light, y green light, Press the upper button to adjust[Long press or inching fine tuning], adjust the value of the small receiver to zero.
  • 6、Measure the location of the four corners of the field so that they are all zero(Emitter placement may not be correct).Emitter placement may not be correct, there will be a deviation between the four angles, and you can fine tune the laser emitter).
  1. Operation notes
  • Personnel who do not train the machine’s performance and operating procedures shall not operate the machine without authorization.
  • When the machine is running, please keep distance away from the moving parts.
  • Attention should be paid to the heating parts of the engine when the machine is running, avoid touching so as not to burn.
  • Don’t look at the laser for a long time so as not to burn your eyes.
  • It is strictly forbidden to touch any electrical equipment when the machine is powered on so as not to damage or disturb the equipment.
  • Machines shall not be used under unreasonable conditions (rain or snow weather), otherwise, all failures of the machine will not be guaranteed.
  • If any abnormality is found after the machine is turned on, please turn off the machine immediately and check.
  • Machines run with trouble or overload operation are strictly prohibited.
  1. Construction notice
  • During floor construction, the concrete leveling process (Refer to the leveling line under the effective leveling width of the leveling machine) must not be interrupted halfway.
  • You must turn off the vibration motor when you pause the leveling process, keep the machine on the surface of the concrete.
  • Flatten the next concrete surface, the length of the vibration plate 400~500mm shall be covered on the previous leveling floor.
  • Leveling concrete should not be too thick, easy to cause poor construction effect.
  • You must turn off the vibration motor when turning, moving, and other non working conditions, switch all manual / automatic switches of machines to manual position, and finally lift vibration leveling parts, and then transfer the machine. This refers to you could only moving the Leveling machine in the non working state, it is strictly prohibited to transfer the leveling machine when it is working(Moving here especially meaning moving, transferring for a distance, etc., excluding normal work like forward and backward ).
  • If there is an object that interferes with signals on the construction site (such as glass and other reflective interference), workers need a newspaper or other light blocking materials to shelter from the reflective area.