With the development of the laser technology and the electronic technology and in order to meet the requirements of the modern floor industry, the concrete laser screed has already become the “Favorite” in the floor industry. During the construction of the concrete floor, the application of the concrete laser screed and the automatic level-finding system make it possible to have a more accurate ground flatness. And as a leader products in laser screed industry, the two-wheeled concrete laser screed is characterized by its lightweight machine body, flexible operation system, relatively higher construction efficiency, low failure rates and convenient transportation methods. And its range of application is quite wide, because it can operate normally with good performance in indoor floors and outdoor floors.

The range of application for the two wheeled concrete laser screed31

Indoor floors:

  1. Underground garages, industrial factories, large-scale workshops, large-scale automatic stereoscopic warehouses, airport terminals and high-speed rail stations.
  2. Electronic appliances, food materials, medicine and clean workshops, etc.
  3. large-scale stockroom-style supermarkets, logistics centers and exhibition centers, etc.
  4. Large area floors in frame structure, common floors, floors in special factory, and concrete floors with double-layered bidirectional steel meshes.

Outdoor floors

  1. Freight yards in ports, logistics wharves, container yards, freight and storage yards;
  2. Airport runways, airport tarmacs and parking lots;
  3. Squares, ground floor of houses, municipal roads and factory floors, etc.
  4. School playgrounds, stadiums and playground runways;The range of application for the two wheeled concrete laser screed45

Besides those above, the two-wheeled concrete laser screed has two main advantages, that is its light weight and its small-sized machine body, and it just weighs 300 kilograms in total, so these advantages enable it to be applied in all kinds of concrete flooring projects. And especially when it comes to the cast-in-place floor with double-layered steel meshes, we can change a pneumatic wider tires for this machine, thus the pressure caused by the steel meshes can be reduced, and even if this machine press on it accidentally, the steel mesh will not be out of shape, so the screeding effects can be assured, and this is the biggest characteristic of the two-wheeled concrete laser screed which is quite different from other types of laser screeds.

The prominent advantages and the quite stable performance successfully helped the two-wheeled concrete laser screed to become the top-selling concrete laser screeds in the markets, and in addition, the two-wheeled concrete laser screed has a much more economic price than the four-wheeled concrete laser screed, so now I would like to give an advice to you: If you need to purchase a laser screed, you’d better firstly purchase a two-wheeled laser screed for your projects, and I believe it will bring you a big surprise, and your projects will be completed in a perfect way.