The four-wheeled concrete laser screed is one kind of machine which is researched and developed on the basis of increasingly development of the weighbridge industry. And currently the holding volume of the four-wheeled laser screed is continuously increasing, and its trend of outrunning the two-wheeled laser screed is of great possibility, this achievement benefits from its superior performance, super high efficiency, and the trust for our products endowed by our clients. The whole vehicle of the four-wheeled laser screed has adopted the hydraulic system, whose structure is more complicated than the two-wheeled laser screed, so its latter usage, upkeep and maintenance require special attention, and now I have concluded some daily upkeep and maintenance tips about the four-wheeled laser screed for your reference.

ride on concrete laser screed maintenance1

  1. Before operating this machine, you need to make a thorough inspection for the whole vehicle of the four-wheeled concrete laser screed, and for the details such as the screws, oil pipes, circuits and the hydraulic oil level, etc. You need to check them with care to see if there are problems in them, and by doing in this way can the problems be timely found and resolved, thus a construction progress delay caused by small problems can be avoid.ride on concrete laser screed maintenance4
  2. The operational staffs for the four-wheeled concrete laser screed shall be trained, and this machine shall be operated rightly, normatively and reasonably, and casually assigning personnels to operate this machine is forbidden, practice has proven that most of the mechanical failures were caused by human operating errors.ride on concrete laser screed maintenance2 1
  3. After the start of the four-wheeled concrete laser screed, a firstly preheating period in low temperature is quite needed, and the four-wheeled laser screed has adopted the high-horsepower imported Quantum engine, so if you want to protect the engine, this procedure is indispensable. And when walking or operating this machine, an even engine throttling up shall be assured, and a radical change in its engine shall be forbidden, and the engine speed shall not be too high, so it shall not make the machine have an overloaded operation.ride on concrete laser screed maintenance5
  4. If the following problems happened when running or operating the four-wheeled concrete laser screed, an immediate stop and inspection shall be assured, these problems includes high engine temperature, abnormal engine vibrating, machinery screed head failure, or walking errors, etc. All in all, when small errors or problems occurs in this machine, you shall immediately stop and check the vehicle, and then resolve these problems timely, so that the expansion of the machine errors can be avoid, because some severe machine failures are usually evolved from small problems into big issues. So, no matter big or small, the machinery failures shall be fixed timely so that the machine can keep its normal performance, and the possibility of incurring a bigger machinery faults can be avoid.ride on concrete laser screed maintenance3
  5. After the operation of the four-wheeled concrete laser screed, the operational staffs shall thoroughly clean up the machine by using cleaning machine, and after removing the concrete stains on it, you should smear machine oil on its key parts such as the screed head, wheel hub, chassis, and screws , etc. And then you need to smear butter on the vehicle, which is an indispensable step that you must have it done, and by doing this can the machine have a good accuracy, and you must place the laser transmitter and the laser receiver safely, and you must be sure to remember that you need to handle them with care. And you need to check out the laser receiver and laser transmitter to see if the electric quantity in them is full, if not, you need to charge the battery timely.ride on concrete laser screed maintenance0
  6. The engine for the four-wheeled concrete laser screed need to be maintained every other 3 months, and it shall replace the oil filter and the air filter, its selected machine oil is the type of 15w-40 or other types of machine oil in the same level. The hydraulic oil shall be replaced every other 3-6 months, and this time is decided by its working time, and its hydraulic oil type is the No.46 wear-resisting hydraulic oil. The engine hydraulic system is like the heart and blood vessels to this machine, so if you want to prolong the service life of this machine, you need to maintain it within the stipulated time. In addition, the storage battery shall be replaced every other two years, and no matter if there are problems existing in the battery, you shall replace the storage battery as long as its service time reached 2 years, it is because that once the service life of the battery is more than 2 years, it is possible to break down at any moment, so you shall replace it timely so that this machine can operate normally, thus a start failure caused by battery breakdown can be avoid.These several points mentioned above are what I have concluded, may they be helpful to you, and it is believed that as long as you can follow these points, your machine will operate well and has a pretty good service life, and its failure rates will be minimized, and its service life will be prolonged infinitely.