Top 10 reasons to choose a laser screed:

  1. The computerized control technology, laser measurement and control technology, servo drive technology, electronic measurement and sensor technology combined with the automatic control system to ensure that the flatness error is minimal.
  2. leveling, vibrating, and equalizing multiple processes are completed at one time, and the efficiency is extremely high.
  3. With full electronic control, the reaction is sensitive and the control is precise and stable.
  4. The gasoline generator is a power machine, which is designed by itself. The structure is simple and light, saving the construction cost of fuel oil.
  5. The level of construction can be maintained in the presence of high and low undulations.
  6. with automatic construction mode and manual operation mode free control.
  7. The control panel knobs freely regulate travel and working speed.
  8. hand-held control, simple and flexible operation.
  9. the original imported vibration motor, 4000 vibration frequency per minute, the ground is more encrypted and the strength is higher.
  10. easy to assemble and disassemble, can be easily tranlsported by smal truck.