Power Concrete Rake [Heavy Duty] Save 80% Labour Input

Now power concrete rake can reduce the investment of manpower in concrete raking work, the following power concrete rake can reduce even the labour input by 80% in large concrete paving construction sites.

Raking concrete is a necessary part of any concrete project. The size of your concrete raking project will determine how much physical labor is required. The larger the area you need to rake, the more work must be done and time spent on it. Smaller projects may only require one person to rake, while larger projects may require multiple workers. Raking concrete is hard work, but it is essential to the success of your concrete project. With proper planning and execution, you can ensure that your concrete raking project is completed efficiently and effectively.

What Is Power Concrete Rake

A power concrete rake is a machine used for preliminary concrete paving. It is powered by the engine and can move forward or backward automatically. The operator only needs to control the direction to disperse the piled concrete everywhere.


Why Use a Power Concrete Rake

It is always best to use a concrete pump truck to evenly distribute the concrete. This will save time and ensure that the concrete is evenly spread. But many times, there is no concrete pump truck, and concrete trucks are not able to enter the site to gradually release the concrete, so the concrete needs to be poured into a pile. In these cases, only manual raking can be used to spread the concrete evenly. But raking concrete by hand concrete rake is a very labor-intensive process and very time-consuming.

Powe concrete rake is a simple but essential tool for any construction crew working with concrete. It is used to push concrete around, leveling it and making sure it is evenly distributed. This not only saves manpower, but also saves time on the construction project. In some cases, using a concrete power rake can reduce the labor input by up to 80%. The concrete rake is a relatively inexpensive tool, so contractors can get a good return on their investment by using it on their construction projects.

How To Rake Concrete

Rake concrete is very simple, use concrete rake pull concrete to concrete missing place on the floor. In this process, you can visually observe the height of the concrete according to experience, and rake the concrete to a suitable height. For large areas of concrete, visual inspection is inaccurate, and many high points need to be marked in advance, rake concrete according to the marking. For frying a large area of concrete, if you want higher efficiency, you need to use the laser level and according to the measurement of the handheld laser receiver to rake the concrete.

Concrete Rake Vs Power Concrete Rake

The main difference between power rake and ordinary concrete rake is that one relies on manpower to work, and the other saves manpower.

The power rake is an automatic heavy duty machine that can quickly and evenly spread concrete, but it cannot produce a very uniform high. The ordinary concrete rake, on the other hand, requires manpower to operate but can produce a much finer high. For some manual concrete leveling projects, it is necessary to use both types of rakes: First the power rake to quickly lay down the concrete, and then the ordinary concrete rake to produce a uniform high. Using both types of rakes in this way is of great benefit for the next step using manual screed or small concrete screed machines without laser and form guides.


How To Use This Heavy Duty Concrete Rake

Using a concrete rake is a simple process. The machine has two gears, one for forward motion and one for backward motion. To start the engine, simply move the lever up and down. The operator can control the speed of the machine by pressing down on the throttle and the direction by steering the handrail. To adjust the height of the concrete, press down or up on the handrail while the machine is moving forward. By following these simple steps, anyone can easily operate a concrete rake.

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In some small-area concrete paving projects, you may be able to use handmade concrete rake for preliminary paving. But it has to be said that our power concrete rake can greatly reduce manpower input in some large-area concrete paving projects. It’s also very easy to use, making it a good investment for a concrete constructor.

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