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A.  The Purpose of the Power Trowel& Power Float

Power trowel machine is the latest polishing machine for the roughness and fineness of concrete surface. It is able to make the construction surface much smoother and greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface. It can greatly increase work efficiency by more than dozens of times compared with manual work. This machine is widely used in concrete pavement, floor, airport, floor, etc.

B. Power Trowel& Power Float Machine Products and Price 

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C. How to use the Power Trowel Machine& Power Float

  1. If you need to trowel a large area of concrete, you should use a 1m type blade. In the corner position, you can use a 60cm blade.
  2. Before using the power trowel, you need to test the concrete. This test ensures that the concrete can support the weight of the operator and the machine.The specific method is to use the foot on the concrete surface. If the footprint is about 3mm, the construction can be carried out.
  3. Firstly, Using a round blade for smoothing. The round blade can flat the raised or recessed areas of the concrete surface. The speed of the machine during construction is about 70-90 rpm, and each walk should overlap half the diameter of the blade. After the concrete power trowel has smoothed the surface for the first time, It should smooth the floor again in the direction perpendicular. This cross-over construction can find the miss points during the first construction.round blade of power trowel
  4. After the circular blade completes the smoothing work of the first step, the trowel machine will use the combined blade to finish the second step. In this step, the power trowel should run at maximum speed. At the same time, Adjust the tilt angle of the blade to maximum to obtain maximum pressure on the ground.After many times of polishing, You can finish the trowel work.blade of power trowel

D. Operational Procedures and Notices of the Power Trowel& Power Float

  1. Turn on the machine and when the smear rotates is correct in a correct direction, hold hands tightly and control the handle, but the handle can not be pressed down or up. Then open the switch with the left hand, and rotate the smear slowly until the smear rotates normally, and in this way the machine can work normally.
  2. When using the blade to work, first remove the dish, then turn the handle wheel to the direction of the pointer, and then adjust the nut to the length of 100-150 cm. Then connect the steel rope to the lower press rod, lock it, and turn the handle wheel to the blade and turning it to about 15 degrees and the machine can work normally.
  3. When the construction is moved, the handle is lifted up or pressed down, and the machine will move left or right by itself.You can push it when it needs to move forward or backward.
  4. When operating, operators must wear insulating shoes with soft soles and insulating gloves; otherwise, they may be injured.
  5. The oil of worm gear box should be checked regularly. If it is below the oil mark, please refuel in time.
  6. After each usage, the machine should be cleaned in time. Especially the smear should be kept clean and stored in a dry, clean and non-corrosive environment.
  7. When the disc is worn to a single side of 30mm, loose the screw,turn around the disc and tighten the screw again to achieve the purpose of the secondary usage.
  8. When the angle of the smear changes and the handwheel is rotated, the angle of the smear can be adjusted to achieve the ideal effect of rough and fine smearing.
  9. If shutdown is required during construction, please shut down the machine in time.
  10. Press the switch on the handld and the gasoline engine will be turned off.

E. Main Structure and Working Principle of  the Power Trowel& Power Float

This range of four-blade power screeds adopt direct worm gear reducer to transmit power, providing large reduction ratio, high efficiency and compact structure. The structure of the machine is shown in the figure. The gasoline engine drives a worm gear box through a triangular belt so as to rotate the smear and achieve smoothing. Worm wheel drive has the advantages of large transmission torque, durability, stability and uniform speed.

The greatest advantage of thr power trowel machine is that it can be used in two ways, rough and fine. Rotating the handwheel can adjust the angle of the smear to achieve rough or fine wiping.

F. Structure of the Power Trowel& Power Float


No.Part NameNo.Part Name
1Flameout switch
10Pressure plate
2Lifting adjusting disc11Corner
3Throttle Control
4Oil plug13Wiping plate
5Oil drain plug
14Fuel tank cap
16Engine switch
17Oil level gauge
9Shifting fork

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