36in power trowel

GN100M / 36 Inch Concrete Trowel Machine | 2021 NEW!

Price: $1,380.00

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GN100m 36 inch power trowel is our newest series of high-grade, high performance concrete finishing machine. It has better workmanship, better stability, and a longer service life. The machine uses B&S engine to provide power and has plenty of power. Equipped with high-quality reducer, with good durability.

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GN100M 36-In Power Trowel

TYPE Hiking GN100 Power Trowel
Engine Honda, B&G, Longxin
Power 5.5hp
Blade diameter 36″
Blade speed 170rpm
Weight 100kg
Size 1820x970x950mm

The difference between GN100M and GN100educer-of-gn100-power-trowel

GN100M and GN100 body is the same, both using a weighted high-quality body. However, the GN100 uses our most advanced 230 rpm reducer, while the GN100M uses a normal speed high quality reducer. They are both of good quality, and you can purchase them according to your needs.

36in power trowel 36in power trowel 36in power trowel 36in power trowel

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