F100 riding trowel

F100 Ride On Trowel Machine

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F100 Ride on power trowel is a new product with excellent performance launched by Hiking in 2020. This machine lowers the center of gravity on the basis of the original model and has better stability. The body is made of thick steel tube, which significantly improves the machine’s robustness and service life. At the same time, it also makes the machine gain more weight, which can produce better compaction effect on the floor. The machine is equipped with our company’s newly developed aluminum shell maintenance – free plus large reducer, which has extreme stability and durability.

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F100 ride on power trowel is low maintenance and long-life designed. It is an economical solution for troweling surface, edges and corners. They can help completing a job easily and economically in short time while less labour. They are very convenient , durable and high performance to use, at the job site to make such as big parking and large flat floors for commercial and industrial purposes.

Type F100 Ride On Trowel Machine
Engine Honda GX690
Power 18kw/24hp
Max speed 160r/min
Working wide 2000mm
Size 2030*1020*1250
Blade size 100cm/39in





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Main Features

1).Handle design adjustable operating height, and can be folded, convenient for transportation and storage
2).Centrifugal clutch to ensure that the engine can be started without load
3).Center design makes the machine more portable operations, improve work efficiency
4).The hook is arranged so that the layer floor floor construction, convenient transportation

f100 ride on power trowel f100 ride on power trowel

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