SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel

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SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel is our newest cost effective mini ride on power trowel with low center of gravity and good stability. The machine is equipped with 13 HP high performance Honda/B&G engine with plenty of power, flexible operation and high efficiency.

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sn-80-ride-on-power-trowelSN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel Data

Type SN-80
Engine Honda GX390/B&G 420
Power 13/13.5 HP
Blade Diameter 800 MM
Weight 260 KG
Size 1700x870x1080 MM

SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel Features

  1. The sn-80 mini ride on power trowel machine is equipped with 13hp high performance Honda/B&G engine, with abundant power and low failure rate.
  2. The machine adopts offset engine design, low center of gravity and more flexible operation.
  3. Equipped with high-capacity water tank, a key to spray water easy to use.
  4. Two sides with blade adjustment handle, according to the need to adjust the angle of the blade.
  5. Electric start mode, and equipped with high-brightness Led lights, convenient for night or in the poor light of the site construction.
  6. The machine is produced by thickened steel pipe and thickened steel plate, which is more stable and durable.
  7. The surface of the machine adopts plastic spraying technology, which ensures the machine has better corrosion resistance and longer service life.

SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel Applications

SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel can be widely used in various large-area indoor or open-air concrete floor construction projects. The machine has high construction efficiency compared with walk behind power float and is suitable for professional concrete contractors.


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