T80 Ride on trowel machine


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Model T80 Ride on trowel machine is a fine polishing machine with the rough concrete surface. The machine is reasonably designed and easy to operate. The surface constructed by machine is smoother than that constructed by man, which makes concrete surface more compact and durable, and it is more than 10 times more efficient than walk behind power trowel machine.


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The S80 ride on trowel machine is reasonably designed and easy to operate.

Product NameT80 Ride on troerl machine
Trowel diameter0.8m*2

The T80 ride on trowel machine machine can also be widely used in pulping, smoothing and polishing the concrete surface of high-standard factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports and framed buildings. Cement trowel machine is also called cement photoelectric receiver. Its main structure is a spatula rotor driven by a gasoline engine. There are four spatulas on the bottom of the cross in the middle of the rotor. The inclined direction of the spatula is the same as the rotation direction of the rotor. The triangular belt is driven by the gasoline engine to rotate the spatula rotor. When operating, the worker should first grasp the control handle, start the gasoline engine,and then the spatula will rotate to polish the cement floor. Horizontal design is adopted to make the center of gravity of the machine lower and make this machine more stable than other types of car-mounted trowel machine. At the same time, we use our self-made high-performance reducer to ensure its lifespan and make the machine have a higher speed.

Honda GX220 engine is used to ensure the stability of the machine.

Honda GX220 engine is used to ensure the stability of the ride trowel machine.

T80 Ride on trowel machine 2

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Weight320 kg
Dimensions190 × 110 × 110 cm


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