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Concrete Roller Screed For Sale In Australia

hiking roller screed for sale in Australia

Concrete roller screed also known as a spin screed, It is widely used in concrete leveling construction. It’s noy just an excellent tool for general concrete slabs and sidewalk leveling. It is also irreplaceable for pervious concrete and some special concrete construction.

Hiking machinery supplies quality screed machines to global customers, offering high quality roller screeds to Australian contractors. Welcome to your inquiry!


220V Electric Power Roller Screed

This product uses 220v voltage for power. The structure is simple, power body can be folded. The weight is light, easy to carry.

Sale Price: 980,00 USD / 1,480.00 AUD

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Gas Powered Power Roller Screed

This product is powered by GX50 Honda engine, Good quality and good price! Turbo gear box is adopted, which is wear-resistant and durable. The weight is light, easy to carry.

Sale Price:  1,600.00 USD / 2,330.00 AUD

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Battery Roller Screed

This product ues Makita high performance drive unit. Powered by two large-capacity lithium batteries, no external power supply is required.

Sale Price: 2,100.00 USD / 3,080.00 AUD

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Hydraulic Roller Screed

This product uses a 13hp mobile hydraulic station as power, which is suitable for some flooring projects that require power. However, due to its large size, it is relatively inconvenient to move.

Sale Price: 5,600.00 USD / 8,160.00 AUD

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Connectable Concrete Roller Tube System

You can choose from our connectable roller Tube system, which can be combined into different lengths according to your needs. You can also buy the roller tube locally, we can customize the tube plug for your pipe size.


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Hiking Roller Screed is hot selling in Australia, welcome to your iqnuiry.

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