Construction Technology Plan of Concrete Laser Screed Flooring Project

(How to level large area concrete floor)


Construction plan of floor project

Construction plan of floor project

1.Site confirmation of elevation 

1.Cleaning of base structure

1) Cleaning landmark waste;

2) Chiseling the ground and chipping part of protruding places, so that the elevation of ground is even to ensure the pouring thickness of concrete.

3)Flushing with water after cleaning.

2.Checking the template

Determining the template according to the position shown in the points warehouse seam of floor construction drawing. Firstly, the height of the template is determined according to the pouring thickness of the concrete, and then the levelness of the template is measured by continuous laser, adjusting and correcting continuously to ensure the minimum horizontal deviation.

  1. Setting reinforcement of isolation joint, column, inlet and out let
  2. The polypropylene plate is set along the edges of the equipment base and the external wall to isolate so as to prevent the concrete at the joint with the newly poured concrete from cracking.
  3. In order to prevent the cracking of concrete at the edge of load-bearing column, the steel mesh and binding bar are laid around the column for reinforcement and consolidation handling. The embedded depth of the steel mesh and bar is 50 mm under the surface concrete, and the polypropylene plate is attached to the four sides of the column for isolation treatment at the same time.
  4. Angle iron is embedded in the entrance and exit for reinforcement.
  5. Refer to the floor construction drawings for details of the concrete reinforcement of the columns and entrances and exits.

3. Concreting

  1. Material performance requirement of concrete:

◎Concrete crushing strength:>C20.

◎The maximum particle size of coarse aggregate does not exceed 25mm.

◎Requirement of concrete site slumps: 160—180. Site inspection should be conducted, if the requirement can not be met, the concrete should be returned directly and no longer used.

◎Gas content is lower than 2%

  1. Requirement of concrete

◎Practical conveying pump should be adopted to transport concrete; (It is recommended to use mixer truck sideway.

◎In principle, it is required to use concrete at the same commercial mixing station.

◎Transportation time of concrete pump truck should not exceed 40 minutes.

◎The truck number of the mixer truck should be kept evenly.

◎The winter concrete is recommended to be poured in the afternoon, thus the wear-resistant construction can be conducted early the next morning, which can keep floor integrity well.

◎Using a practical plastic cloth to enclose the site totally to prevent rainwater from entering, and at the same time, to ensure the indoor temperature difference.

  1. Requirement of concrete paving

1Drawing up and reviewing a plan prior to paving

◎Concrete paving is the main link which influences the quality of concrete, so it is necessary to draw up a good plan in advance and obtain the approval of the project supervisor;

◎Items to be considered when drawing up a concrete paving plan

○Daily paving area

○Concrete paving amount

○Paving operation and personnel arrangement

○Setting paving area

○Treatment of fresh and hardened concrete joint part

○Structure of paving personnel

○When the supervisor sets up the paving plan, the factors affecting the concrete paving and the feasibility of implementation should be examined and verified one by one;

○Every matter must be carefully confirmed prior to concrete laying. If the other preparations needs to be made and then the time needs to be extended, the area under construction must be maintained to prevent the foreign body from mixing in before the concrete laying, or the steel bar from loosening, and so on.

○Items to be confirmed prior to concrete paving

○Setting of horizontal standard point when paving.

○Cleaning of surface

○Whether the concrete paving equipment is ensured or not

○Structure of paving personnel

2) Standard for concrete paving:

If the ordinary paving method is used, the quality of the concrete can not be guaranteed, so special attention should be paid to the paving method. Strict management should be carried out from the beginning to the end of paving.

◎The concrete paving method is based on the principle of one direction.( Starting from the left, moving to the right, and the action should be repeatedly after completion of one row)

◎Construction joints should be avoided when paving in summer (in order to prevent construction joints, negotiation should be conducted with the commercial mixing company to avoid the delay of cement pump truck). The poured concrete must be tamped with a vibrator or other equivalent tool, and then scraped flatly with a scraping scale. The surface layer can not expose pebbles to a certain degree of flatness.

4. Leveling work of concrete laser screed machine

1)The concrete should be discharged into the yard in the form of turnkey project.

2)First, the concrete should be roughly paved according to the height of the elevation.

3) Laser screed machine is used to level concrete orderly. The principle of one direction is always maintained in the process of leveling.

4) The local edges and corners should be leveled by a special person with a trowel.

5) Using a manual leveling shaper to level off the bumps and removing the surface floats at the same time.

6) Average daily pouring leveling area 2000㎡ to 3500㎡

7) The flatness of the ground is improved greatly and the beauty is ensured.

Construction principle of concrete laser positioning screed machine

Construction principle of concrete laser positioning screed machine

The laser screed is working in the concrete

The laser screed is working in the concrete

The laser screed is working in the concrete

The laser screed is working in the concrete

The ride on towel is working

The ride on towel is working

5. Cutting the concrete with the concrete cutting machine

◎Cutting method: Dry cutting

◎Machine adopted: Cutting machine

◎Cutting time: Cutting instantly after polishing of surface

◎Cutting basis: Keeping the beauty of original column space and terrace and the spacing of 4 to 6 meters is optimum.

◎Please refer to terrace construction drawings for specific cutting method

◎Cutting depth:2 to 3mm

◎Cutting depth: 1/5 of thickness of concrete plate or 25 to 30mm

◎Cutting of column edge: The column edge is cut in rhombus with each side length of 2 meters.

concrete cutting machine

Concrete cutting machine

6. Construction of curing agent

1)Cleaning the surface with water to get rid of impurities and contaminants.

2)Spraying the curing agent according to the prescribed dosage after drying.

construction of curing agent2

construction of curing agent

construction of curing agent


7. Construction schedule plan and name of machine equipment

  1. Schedule plan: 1500to 2500 of concrete can be constructed daily(the schedule should be based on the requirement of turnkey project)
  2. Using plans of construction tools
Construction tools Quantity
Laser screed machine 1 set
Walk behind power trowel and ride on trowel 6 sets in total
Cutting machine 1 set
Testing instrument of levelness 1 set
Manual leveling screed(Bull Float) 1 set

8. Determination of project difficulties and key working procedures and corresponding technical assurance measures

1.Analysis of project difficulties


The organization scheme is a specialized technical scheme aimed primarily at the ground floor. The project is characterized by high ground flatness and levelness, and the concrete has a high requirements for one-time forming and good wear resistance and floor crack resistance. The construction period is urgent, and the colleagues are faced with winter construction.

2.Confirmation of key procedures

Among each construction process, reinforced concrete wear-resistant floor construction is a key part, and the installation of template, concrete leveling, spreading of hardener and floor cutting are key procedures.

3.Quality control point of key procedures

1) Control of template elevation

Controlling the floor elevation strictly, and using the laser continuously to detect the position and level of the template, as well as continuously detecting and adjusting so as to ensure the minimum level error.

2)Concrete leveling of steel fiber concrete

The ground elevation should be strictly controlled when the steel fiber concrete is poured, the site slump error of the concrete should be controlled when pouring the concrete, the steel fiber is not allowed to be exposed on the surface, and the smoothness and the levelness of the terrace should be ensured by the laser leveling machine to the maximum extent at ordinary times. Meanwhile, our company will arrange 2 surveyors to test the smoothness of the wear-resistant floor continuously before forming, ensuring the smoothness of the floor via various channels.

The color of the wear-resistant hardener is required to be the main color, which is the main control point during construction. Paying attention to the hardening condition of the concrete when spreading the hardener. Spreading timely after the initial setting, spreading the wear-resistant material by 2 times, and spreading should be conducted evenly to ensure the uniform color of the surface.

3) Terrace kerf

After the polishing, the ground cutting seam should be carried out in time, and the cracking direction of the crack should be guided at the earliest time to decrease the occurrence of the floor crack during use.

9. Project quality control measures

Strictly controlling the quality of raw materials, such as stones, concrete, wear-resistant materials and glue filling materials, which should be up to the standards set by the rules and regulations of our country, but should also meet the quality standards put forward by the design and the owners; All kinds of quality inspection reports should be submitted to the quality department of the company for review and archiving, and submitted to the supervisor.

Each kind of preparation work should be made in the construction site in advance. The machine equipment and lighting equipment should be inspected in advance to ensure they are in conformance with requirements.

Timely understanding of weather trends, it should be avoided to pour and tamp concrete for continuous construction in heavy rainy days. If it rains during the concrete construction process, covering measures should be taken in time, and treatment of the surface layer should be done well when the rain stops.

All work should be reported to the construction personnel before implementation, and written records should also be made.

It is necessary to implement “quick inserting and slow pulling out” principles when conducting concrete tamping. Quick inserting is aimed at preventing delamination and segregation of the concrete below when the surface concrete is tamped. And the slow pulling is aimed at making the concrete fill the space caused by the pulling out of the vibrating rod and eliminating the air bubbles in the concrete.

Slumps inspection plan

○Slump test random sampling

○Slump inspection: Making records

○All the inspection work should be witnessed by the supervisor.

10. Safety guaranty measures

The responsibility system for safe production should be perfected to ensure that everyone is responsible for safe production, and safety education should be strengthened. Also, the safety production technology disclosure system should be perfected. Before starting construction, we should do a good job in safety disclosure at all levels. According to the features of this project, safety measures should be formulated, and employees should be organized to implement and carry out safety activities on a regular basis.

Taking proper construction electricity measures to ensure that the electrical protection system and neutral earthing and ground connection are safe and reliable.

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