concrete vibrating beam screed

BM-300 Concrete Vibrating Beam Screed


BM-300 Concrete vibrating beam screed is a versatile machine that can be used for various concrete leveling projects. Its modular design makes it easy to adjust the screed width to fit different project needs. The machine uses axial vibration technology that ensures powerful and even vibration. This beam screed has winches and handles, making it easy to operate and suitable for different working conditions.

The Hiking Concrete Beam Screed is a reliable concrete screed equipment for all project sizes. It is efficient and helps you achieve precise and accurate results.


Standard section of concrete vibrating beam screed
Model BM-300
Engine B&S RX580/Honda GX160/Vanguard 5.0
Power 5.5hp
Fuel Type Petrol
Width Free combination of 0.5m/1m/2m standard sections, up to 10m

Beam Screed Video


  • BM300 Concrete vibrating beam screed uses a modular design, allowing site assembly. The screed width can be adjusted to meet the demands of different projects.
  • BM300 Concrete vibrating beam Screed utilizes axial vibration technology, providing stronger and more evenly distributed beam vibrating. Ensuring the quality and effectiveness of leveling surfaces.
  • To simplify operation and reduce manual effort, the BM300 is equipped with winches and handles for easy pulling. These additional features allow operators to control the machine effortlessly, reducing work intensity and increasing work efficiency.
  • The machine uses high-quality aluminium beams, corrosion-resistant and easy cleaning, light weight and easy two man lift. It has a high-quality power unit, the output is stable and robust.



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