The concrete laser screed machine can be widely used in various large-area concrete leveling projects, providing excellent leveling effects with advanced leveling head design and laser system. The high quality imported engines and high-flow hydraulic system provide strong power for the machine so that it can be used in more kinds of concrete. More than that, the designs, including hydraulic vibration, precise speed regulation, electronic steering, articulated design, make a simple ultra-flat ground for you. The whole range of laser screed are in hot sale and are offering big discounts. Welcome your inquiry.

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification and EU CE quality certification of HIKING Laser screedHIKING® is committed to the production and sales of concrete laser screed machines. Enterprises and products have passed CE, ROSH, ISO 9001:2015 and other professional certifications and testing. The products have the first-class quality and leveling effect and have a very high cost performance ratio. At the same time, HIKING® also provides professional training in laser screed flooring and technical support for customers. Creating more values for customers is the ultimate goal of HIKING® Laser screed.

Knowledge of Laser Screed Machine

laser screed

Laser screed machine is developed according to the increasing demand of modern industrial plant, large shopping mall, warehouse and other large area cement concrete ground for ground quality, such as strength, flatness, levelness, etc. It has the characteristics of good performance and high efficiency. A. Preparations: (1) After the basic treatment, the laser paver is […]

laser screed

1. The time interval of each start-up should not be less than 10s. 2. In the process of equipment shutdown and transfer, the pulling ring of hub center plug should be pulled out before the tire can be rotated. 3. In the process of equipment transfer, the arm can be lifted manually to control the […]

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1. The transmitter or handheld receiver can not work properly or the transmitter power indicator flashes frequently. Solution: Replace batteries or charge. 2. The signal of laser receiver is unstable or the short distance indicator does not change. Solution: Adjust the length of the cylindrical tie rod until the receiver column is in a vertical […]