The concrete laser screed machine can be widely used in various large-area concrete leveling projects, providing excellent leveling effects with advanced leveling head design and laser system. The high quality imported engines and high-flow hydraulic system provide strong power for the machine so that it can be used in more kinds of concrete. More than that, the designs, including hydraulic vibration, precise speed regulation, electronic steering, articulated design, make a simple ultra-flat ground for you. The whole range of laser screed are in hot sale and are offering big discounts. Welcome your inquiry.

Concrete Laser Screed Machine

Hiking laser screed is able to meet various concrete flooring construction needs. Compared with traditional flooring construction method, The laser screed machine can save 50% formwork and 40% labors input in large-area concrete flooring construction. has extremely high accuracy, and the overall error can be within 3mm, which can help you to achieve super flat floors more easily. Benefit from advanced leica laser system, It has extremely high accuracy, and the overall error can be within 0-3mm thaty can help you to achieve super flat floors more easily.At present, hiking mainly has two kinds of laser screed products: walk behind laser screed and ride on laser screed. Among them, the walk behind laser screed is simple in structure, light in weight and cheap in price. It can be used in various types of concrete construction projects (rebar mesh / non rebar mesh), with a very high cost performance ratio. Ride on laser screed equipped with auger and the world's advanced hydraulic system, stable performance, simple operation and more labor-saving, can be used in various non-rebar mesh and concrete flooring projects with thicker rebar mesh.

The Products after Laser Screed Flooring

Concrete power trowel(include ride on trowel machine and power trowel), also known as concrete power float machine and concrete finishing machine, is mainly used in the light receiving project after leveling by laser laser screed machine. At present, we mainly have two kinds of products: walk behind power trowel and ride on power trowel. they can greatly increase work efficiency manual work. The machine adopts the reducer produced by our company, which has a very high life and is one of the important auxiliary products of laser screed machine.

After we use laser screed to level the concrete, the surface of the concrete can reach a good levelness. However, if the concrete you use is not so standard, after a short period of time, it will still be easy to produce different degrees of water on the concrete surface. This is because after the concrete vibrated by the laser screed, there will be a layer of cement slurry on the surface of the concrete. When the cement slurry converges and flows on the surface of the concrete, regional water will be generated and the concrete will be washed and pressed to a certain degree of unevenness. The purpose of Bull float is to scrape the concrete surface and scrape it evenly before the cement paste comes together.


Information of Hiking Laser Screed Company

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HIKING® machinery is committed to the production and sales of concrete laser screed machines. Enterprises and products have passed CE, ROSH, ISO 9001:2015 and other professional certifications and testing. The products have the first-class quality and leveling effect and have a very high cost performance ratio. At the same time, HIKING® also provides professional training in laser screed flooring and technical support for customers. Creating more values for customers is the ultimate goal of HIKING® Laser screed.

Knowledge of Laser Screed Machine

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