ELVES 130 Battery Super Laser Screed

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ELVES 130 super screed is Hiking machinery new product for 2023. The machine usean Ultra-shot body desin, the body length is only 130cm. More flexible and smaller turning radius, can be used in various pouring projects include small and large area. the fuselage is made of aero-aluminum alloy and weight only 100kg. It can be used in any projects with steel mesh. Powered by lead-acid battery. The maintenance cost is much less, continuous construction can reach more than 5 hours. Athe same time optional lithium battery, continuous construction can reach more than 10 hours. The standard leveling width is 1.3 meters, and customize any width within 1.5 meters leveling head.

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Why You Need It

Save Labors

The machine walks and turns electrically controlled, without manpower input. There is no need to set any formwork or auxiliary leveling support in the middle of the construction site, saving a lot of labor investment.

Widely Used

The working size is only 130x130x130cm, the turning radius is very small, it can be used in a small area. For projects with thin steel mesh and various pipes distributed in concrete, its weight is only 100kg and will not bend these structures in concrete. The machine is powered by a battery, with 0 emissions and low noise. So it can be used in various indoor or special requirements sites. At the same time, the machine adopts a 4800RPM adjustable vibration motor. You can adjust the appropriate vibration frequency according to concrete types.

Amazing Leveling Effect

Like our other laser screed products, elves 130 has a high degree of accuracy. The height difference within 3m levelled wet concrete is generally less than 3mm. The laser screed also could set the concrete slope and accurately control the concrete slope.

Fast Construction Speed

The theoretical maximum construction efficiency of ELVES 130 is 5000㎡/8h, but considering the supply of concrete and preliminary paving speed, the actual working efficiency of ELVES 130 is generally 2000㎡-3000㎡/8h. Besides what we mentioned above, using ELVES 130 can save manpower and formwork investment, which can accelerate the construction progress.

Product Parameters

Item Data
Laser system accuracy ≤1.5mm
Operating Voltage 48V
Battery Type Lead-acid batteries / Ternary
lithium battery
Continuous working time ≥5h / ≥10h
Maximum travel speed 2.9 km/h
Vibration motor speed 1000-4700r/m Adjustable
Leveling width Standard: 1.3m / Optional: 1-1.5m
Working Size 130x135x130CM
Transport Size 110x67x93CM
Weight 100kg


  • Weighing only 100kg.
  • The length is only 130cm, the smallest laser screed in the world, which can be used for various small construction sites.
  • Can work continuously for more than 5 hours, lithium battery can work continuously for more than 10 hours.
  • Save labors and perfect leveling effect.



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    Weight 280 kg
    Dimensions 130 × 130 × 120 cm


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