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HIKING® specializes in manufacturing concrete leveling machines and other advanced general machinery. We has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and most of our concrete leveler machines have passed CE certification. Over the years, we have been committed to providing customers with first-class mechanical products and improving customer productivity. Creating value for global customers is our highest pursuit.

Laser Concrete Rake (Up to 90% labor savings / 2023 New Product)

The HKCR280 Laser Concrete Rake is an innovative and valuable tool for contractors looking to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and achieve high-quality concrete surfaces. Its laser leveling system, compatibility with other screed machines, and affordable pricing make it an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes. With user-friendly controls and ongoing support from Hiking Machinery, operators can feel confident in their ability to make the most of this revolutionary concrete spreading device.

bull float

HKCR 280 Laser Concrete Rake

$23,000.00 $12,000.00

Super Screed (2023 New Product)

ELVES 130 super screed is the smallest laser screed in the world. It usean Ultra-shot body desin, the body length is only 130cm, the weight is only 100kg. More flexible and smaller turning radius, can be used in various pouring projects include small and large area.

Ride On Laser Screed

The ride on laser screed machine is an extremely efficient concrete laser screed machine developed and produced by our company. The machine adopts front and rear spliced design, which is light and flexible, and easy to operate.

Walk Behind Laser Screed

The walk behind laser screed machine is a small concrete laser screed machine developed by our company. The weight of the whole machine is only 320kg. Equipped with two pairs of tires, Easy to work on cast-in-place floor steel mesh.

Boom Laser Screed

Transform your concrete surfaces with the S360 Laser Screed. Achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision with its powerful diesel engine, intelligent variable pump, and imported laser system. Experience unmatched versatility and durability with hydraulic support legs, three-mode steering, and solid puncture-proof tires.

Concrete Hardener Spreader

The material spreader is a product we developed for spreading concrete hardener. It has a large capacity, fast working speed and even spreading. This saves a lot of labour and shortens the construction time.

Concrete Roller Screed

Hiking Machinery is committed to providing high-quality roller screeds for global concrete contractors. According to different driving power, Hiking screed roller can be divided into 4 types: electric type, battery type, gas-powered type and hydraulic type. The machine is equipped with our patented product-extendable roller tubes, which can be connected according to the length you need.

Concrete Power Screed

Concrete vibration Power Screed Machine adopts a lighter body, simple operation and durable aluminium alloy vibrating plate. It can be operated flexibly through the handle on the hand-held vibrating ruler and be suitable for any person with various heights to operate.

power screed

VB301 Honda Power Screed

VB303 Petrol Powered Concrete Screed

VB303 Petrol Powered Screed


VB305 Vibrating Power Screed

power screed blade board

Power Screed Blade Board


Concrete Beam Screed (2023 New Product)

Concrete beam screed is a versatile machine that can be used for various concrete leveling projects. Its modular design makes it easy to adjust the screed width to fit different project needs. The machine uses axial vibration technology that ensures powerful and even vibration. This beam screed has winches and handles, making it easy to operate and suitable for different working conditions.

Concrete Truss Screed

Concrete truss screed machine is widely used in concrete pavement, bridge and ground engineering for concrete ground pulping, compaction and leveling. Its leveling effect is very good. The width of the road surface can be formed once in the range of 4-16 meters, which can reduce the longitudinal construction joints.


ZPL-300l Aluminum Alloy Type

steel truss screed

ZPL-300y Steel Type


Trowel Machine

HIKING manufactures various types of Concrete Power Trowel Machine, include walk behind power trowel and riding trowel. The machine has the characteristics of high speed and high efficiency. Factory direct sales, price concessions, global shipment, Now waitting for your inquiry.

Walk-behind Type

Ride-on Type


T80-100 Ride On Trowel Machine

$2,580.00 – $4,300.00
F100 riding trowel

F100 Ride On Trowel Machine


SN-80 Mini Ride On Power Trowel


Trowel Blade

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