Connectable Roller Tube System | 2022 New!

Price: $1,500.00

Shipping: Can be shipped worldwide, the specific freight please inquiry us! (leave a message or email us)

Connectable Roller Tube System is used with our spin screed, it is our patented product. It consists of 3 pcs 2m roller tubes, 1 pcs 1.2m roller tube and two hidden connectors. You can use these roller tubes individually. You can also combine two or three of them together to reach the length you need. In this way, you can easily transport these roller tubes. At the same time you only need a small amount of investment to get different types of combinations.

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PACKING LIST: Connectable roller tube dystem contains: 3 pcs 2m roller tubes 2 pcs tube connectors and 1 pcs 1.2m roller tubes. They can be combined into roller tubes up to 6 meters long.

NOTICE: In addition to the fixed collocations mentioned above, we can also customize the length you need according to your needs. welcome to your inquiry!

roller screed tubes

The machine can be equipped with our company's patented product-Connectable Roller Tube System, which is convenient for transportation and can be connected to different lengths according to needs.