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Concrete Roller Screed (Spin Screed) For Sale

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Hiking Machinery provide high quality concrete roller screeds to customers all over the world. Roller screed products could suit different applications and budgets. Good quality and good price are offering, Welcome to your inquiry!

Roller Screed (Spin Screed) Products & Price

Hiking spin screed provide you with 4 kinds of power: electric, battery (cordless) gasoline engine and hydraulic. All types are hot selling, Welcome to your inquiry!

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DPJ-300D Electric Type

220V, Lightweight, portable and inexpensive, suitable for most types projects.

GPJ-300Y Gas Powered Type

Powerful, lightweight, portable, no need to use external energy supply, suitable for all types projects

DG-200L Battery Type

Lightweight, portable, no need to use an external energy supply, suitable for small area projects

GPJ-300H Hydraulic Type

Most powerful, no need to use an external energy supply, suitable for most types projects
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2022 New Product

We have a new connectable roller tube that can be combined into different lengths, up to 6 meters. It comes with three 2-meter tubes and one 1.2-meter tube, plus two pipe joints. We also offer customization for other sizes.



What Is A Roller Screed

A roller screed contains a long metal tube with a handle on one end and an electric handle on the other. The operators walk behind the machine and hold the handle while the screed roller tube rotates to level the concrete. The roller screed tube can be customized to different lengths and shapes to suit almost any dump, including curb and gutter shapes.

  1. The operator does not need to bend down when using roller striker, only needs to stand and drag forward. This can reduce the waist injury of the staff and reduce the labor intensity.
  2. The maximum construction width of spin screed pipe can reach more than 10 meters.
  3. When using on the sloped formwork, this forward rolling design can prevent falling. And it does not vibrate, the concrete does not slide down the ramp due to vibration. So this machine is very suitable for concrete slope construction.
  4. The machine can be equipped with a central connector. It is the only machine that can easily construct various cone and funnel concrete surfaces.
  5. It’s also the best pervious concrete roller, because it does not excessive vibrate the voids in the concrete.
  6. With custom drums, you can use it to build various gutters and concrete edges.

hiking roller screed



Welcome to ask any questions about the machine and usually we will reply to you within 1 working day.

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