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Concrete Roller Screed (Spin Screed) For Sale

concrete roller screed

Roller screed is a multi-purpose concrete screed equipment for concrete slab, concrete slope and pervious concrete. It cuts off the high concrete spots and fills the low spot, through a spinning screed pipe, resulting in a flat surface. Roller screeds don’t cause excessive vibration problems, just as a hand screed repeatedly scrape the concrete. It brings lower water ratio concrete paste to the surface, creating a stronger and more durable concrete surface.

Products & Price

Hiking machinery provides you with high quality roller screed, our price is 20%-50% lower than the same quality products in the market, and provides you with perfect customer service.

There are 4 different power sources to fill a variety of needs, including electric, gasoline, battery and hydraulic. In addition to customizing plugs to suit your local steel pipe type, we can also customize drums and circular pour pivot for edge drains and round concrete slabs.

roller screed tubes


We have a new connectable roller tube that can be combined into different lengths, up to 6 meters. It comes with three 2-meter tubes and one 1.2-meter tube, plus two pipe joints. We also offer customization for other sizes.


In addition to being the best choice for concrete leveling projects (whether wet or low slump), roller screed can also be applied to other types of concrete construction.

Pervious concrete construct

Pervious Concrete

concrete slope construct

Slope Pour

round concrete slab

Circular Pour

concrete curb maker

Curb & Water Channel




Welcome to ask any questions about the machine and usually we will reply to you within 1 working day.

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