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Hiking machinery supplies high quality concrete power screed to customers worldwide. We carefully manufacture and strictly test to provide you with unbeatable cost performance. All machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed boards can be supplied in various sizes. Now offering a great discount, welcome to your inquiry.

2024 Special Offer

We are excited to announce a special offer for 2024 – 30 units of the VB301 concrete power screed at cost price (780.00 USD), equipped with a robust Honda GX35 gasoline engine and a 6ft magnesium-aluminum alloy vibrating blade. This limited-time deal is available until it is sold out.


Hiking power screed can improve work efficiency by 4 times than hand concrete screed. It supplies surface vibration, which can vibrate the concrete evenly. Power screed finishes the leveling work at one time, does not need repeated scraping, and makes the concrete floor better levelness and flatness. At the same time, when using a power screed, the operator does not need to bend over to operate, which can eliminate waist injury. 

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