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Hiking machinery supplies high quality concrete power screed to customers worldwide. We carefully manufacture and strictly test to provide you with unbeatable cost performance. All machines are equipped with Honda engines and screed boards can be supplied in various sizes. Now offering a great discount, welcome to your inquiry!


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VB201 Electric Power Screed

honda power screed

VB301 Honda Power Screed

VB303 Petrol Powered Concrete Screed

VB303 Petrol Powered Screed


VB305 Vibrating Power Screed


How to Choose?

We have made a parameters table of these three power screeds. By comparing the parameters, you can understand the differences between them and make choices.

Model Transmission Mode Engine Max Power Weight
VB301 Long drive shaft Hiking S40 / Honda GX35 1.8hp/1.5hp 18kg
VB303 Belt drive Hiking S40 / Honda GX35 / Honda GX50 1.8hp/1.5hp/2.0hp 25kg
VB305 Ultra-short drive shaft Hiking S40 / Honda GX35 / Honda GX50 1.8hp/1.5hp/2.0hp 18kg

Power screed can improve work efficiency by 4 times than hand screed. It supplies surface vibration, which can vibrate the concrete evenly. Power screed finishes the leveling work at one time, does not need repeated scraping, and makes the concrete floor better levelness and flatness. At the same time, when using a power screed, the operator does not need to bend over to operate, which can eliminate waist injury. we can also provide you with DIY accessories, so you can buy the engine locally and assemble the homemade power screed.

Custom Screed Blades

In addition to the sizes provided below, we can customize blade boards for you in any size up to 39ft.

Length Weight
4ft/120cm 3.1kg
6ft/180cm 4.2kg
8ft/240cm 6.3kg
10ft/300cm 7.8kg
12ft/360cm 9.6kg
Can be customized any size up to 39ft(1200cm)

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