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Truss screed for sale-Hiking machinery


HIKING® Concrete truss screed machine, which uses the original Honda gasoline engine, is widely used in concrete pavement, bridge and ground engineering for concrete ground pulping, compaction and leveling. Its leveling effect is very good. The width of the road surface can be formed once in the range of 4-18 meters, which can reduce the longitudinal construction joints. Because the running track and the template are separated, the leveling work is not affected by the base level, and the pavement level can be ensured and the formed concrete surface has no honeycomb grinding surface, peeling cracks and stone exposed phenomenon, and the quality is easy to guarantee.

Vibratory Truss Screed Products List And Price

We have two main types of truss screed, one is steel type, and the other one is high-strength aluminum alloy type. The price of steel is more favorable than the price of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy type has better corrosion resistance and has a longer service life. The weight is also lighter for transportation and use. These two products are the same effect of use. You can choose according to your needs.

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ZPL-300l Aluminum Alloy Type

steel truss screed

ZPL-300y Steel Type


What Is A Truss Screed?

Concrete truss screed is also known as frame screed, vibratory truss screed, It is a common concrete screed machine. This machine is often used for levelling large area concrete projects. Especially when used on low-slump concrete roads, it can greatly improve construction efficiency. The machine adopts the center vibration system, which has an excellent vibration effect. This equipment has 1m and 2m standard sections. They can be combined at will according to different road surface widths. The machine adopts a quick joint, which is convenient to disassemble and easy to transport. It is a common machine in concrete road construction.

use truss screed to make double slope

Double-sided Slope Leveling

The truss screed can be arched in the middle, so it is very suitable for some concrete projects that need to flatten the double-sided slope.


Truss Screed Reantal

The rental price of a truss screed is generally 150-300usd/day. There is a big difference in the rental price for different widths of the machine. Some road construction or large area concrete floor construction offen use this machine. Usually, this machine is used to construct relatively large projects. It is not particularly expensive among the many big concrete machines. So we still recommend that you buy one for your own use. This machine has another feature that we have introduced earlier, you can combine it to any width. So you can continue to use it for various types of construction in the future.


Used Truss Screed

Truss screed is a very high-utilization machine. You can combine it to any width according to various projects. Because of its versatility, there is fewer used machine on the market. If you can find a used truss screed at a very low price and a less-used length of time, you can buy it. If you can’t buy a newer model, we still recommend you buy a new machine. The truss screed is a highly utilized piece of machinery. If you are a professional concrete contractor, we are sure you deserve to have a new machine of your own.

steel type-truss-screed

How To Use A Truss Screed

Set up the formwork in the leveling area and place the machine on the formwork. Fix the machine’s wire rope to the position at the end of the leveling area.

Start the engine and slowly increase the oil, adjust the speed of the machine vibration shaft to the right state. The operators on both sides of the machine simultaneously turn the handle of the winch to maintain the balance of the machine and uniform forward speed.

During the construction process, the workers should control the height of the concrete under the screws on the machine’s scraper. If there is too much concrete in front of the scraper, you should stop the machine. You can continue the construction after you spread the excess concrete evenly.

The forward speed of the machine depends on the concrete slump. When the concrete collapse is high and the concrete is dry, the forward speed can be slower.

You should clean up the machine in time after construction. This is because the concrete stuck to the machine will corrode the machine. And for the bearings and other locations, it should be rinsed clean using a high-pressure washer and grease lubrication in time.

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