Truss screed for sale-Hiking machinery

HIKING® Concrete truss screed machine, which uses the original Honda gasoline engine, is widely used in concrete pavement, bridge and ground engineering for concrete ground pulping, compaction and leveling. Its leveling effect is very good. The width of the road surface can be formed once in the range of 4-18 meters, which can reduce the longitudinal construction joints. Because the running track and the template are separated, the leveling work is not affected by the base level, and the pavement level can be ensured and the formed concrete surface has no honeycomb grinding surface, peeling cracks and stone exposed phenomenon, and the quality is easy to guarantee.
We have two main types of truss screed, one is steel type, and the other one is high-strength aluminum alloy type. The price of steel is more favorable than the price of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy type has better corrosion resistance and has a longer service life. The weight is also lighter for transportation and use.

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