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Hiking Power Trowel Blades can be widely used in various power trowel. our blades are made of durable manganese steel, which makes them durable. Size of this product is complete, they can meet different sizes of power float and ride on power trowel range from 30” to 46”.

Hiking power trowel blade are made of durable manganese steel, which makes them durable. Our blades is processed by hot quenching process, which enhances blades hardness and makes blade resistant to rust and easy to be stored. Now we have different sizes of products including 60cm、70cm、80cm、90cm、100cm、120cm quadrate and round blades, they can be used in different sizes of power float machines and ride on trowel.


Hiking Power Trowel Blade Main Features

Diverse sizes to choose, our product is applicable for most walk behind power flat and ride on trowel machine on market.

Our product are made of thickened durable manganese steel, therein thickness of power float is 3.3mm, and of power trowel blade is 2.3mm, all of them has a long life service.

There are 4 fixed supports type, 8 fixed supports type and 10 fixed supports type of power trowel pans to choose, they can meet usage requirements of different types of power trowel machines.

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What’s The Differences Of Different Types Of Power Trowel Blades

  1. Function of power trowel pans: in process of high-speed rotation and movement, it can extrude and bring concrete grout to surface. It spreads concrete grout on concrete floor equably, and fill partial cavity. Compared with power float blades, power float pans make the floor flatter, meanwhile it has larger contact area with the floor, which can effectively decrease partial sink and low ebb, increase floor FF value.
  2. Function of power trowel blade: to further spread concrete grout of floor surface equably, and further fill partial sink. Meanwhile use high-speed rotary blade to burnish floor, make the floor brighter and smoother.

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