power float pans

Power Float Pans (24ft-36ft/Other Size Can Be customized)

Sale Price: $80.00

We offer power float pans in a variety of sizes to fit nearly all brands of machines on the market. You have the option to choose pans with double the amount of brackets for installation onto the machines. That is, a 5-blade machine requires a pan with 10 brackets, and a 4-blade machine needs an 8-bracket pan. The 4-bracket pans are only suitable for walk-behind machines as they are uni-directional.

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Product Overview

The Power Trowel pans that can be used on any ride-on or walk-behind Power Trowel—including our competitor’s machines. Good price and Good quality.

  • We cater to various power float pans applicable for most major power floats.
  • Our power float pans are made from 3mm thick steel.
  • We have pans with 4, 8, or 10 brackets, suitable for various machine brands.

Power Float Pans Size


100 Type 1 (36ft)


100 Type 2 (36ft)


100 Type 3 (36ft)


100 Type 4 (36ft)

90 Type 1


90 Type 2

90 Type 3


80 Type 1


80 Type 2


70 Type


How long will it take to receive the machine after purchase?

We can only transport it via sea freight for larger equipment like the blades. The delivery time varies for different countries. Please consult with us for specific details.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

Our power trowel blades comes with a free one-year warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail.


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