Power Trowel Blades (24ft-36ft/Other Size Can Be customized)

Sale Price: $20.00

Hiking Machinery offers high-quality power trowel blades to enhance your power trowels. Made with superior abrasion-resistant carbon steel, this blade is adaptable to various brands of power trowels.

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Product Overview

The Power Trowel Blades that can be used on any ride-on or walk-behind Power Trowel—including our competitor’s machines. We offer float, finish, combination, flat finish, and abrasive blades. Find the Power Trowel Blade that fits your machine.

  • The Hiking power trowel blades are made of spring steel that underwent quenching and tempering using a special formula. This ensures its resilience and provides added durability.
  • The blades come with various sizes of mounting brackets that fit power trowel machines of different brands. This ensures compatibility with various models and broadens their range of usage.
  • These power trowel blades are manufactured from high-quality carbon steel, delivering excellent resistance towards wear and tear. This guarantees long-lasting performance capable of withstanding extended periods of wear.

Power Trowel Blades Size


100 Type (36ft)


90 Type


90 Type


80 Type


80 Type


70 Type


How long will it take to receive the machine after purchase?

We can only transport it via sea freight for larger equipment like the blades. The delivery time varies for different countries. Please consult with us for specific details.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

Our power trowel blades comes with a free one-year warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail.


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