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Concrete Scarifier

concrete scarifier is also known as concrete planer and concrete milling machines. It is one of the most common concrete surface treatment equipment. The role of concrete scarifier is to uniformly remove the original surface of the floor/road, in preparation for the new surface construction, the common walk behind concrete scarifier single milling depth is generally 0-5mm. It can be widely used in various concrete floor and asphalt pavement renovation projects. Hiking is a professional supplier of quality and reliable concrete scarifiers with excellent concrete milling results, and you can choose between concrete-specific blades and asphalt-specific blades depending on the type of surface.

Concrete Scarifier (Concrete Planer) Price & Products

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HKS200 Concrete Scarifier Machine

$ 2,100.00

250 type Concrete Scarifier

HKS250 Concrete Scarifier Machine

$ 2,300.00

250b type Concrete Scarifier

HKS250b Concrete Scarifier Machine

$ 2,500.00


HKS300 Concrete Planer Machine

$ 2,500.00


Type HKS200 HKS250 HKS250B HKS300
Engine Honda/B&S/Longxin/Changcai Honda/B&S/Longxin/Changcai Honda/B&S/Longxin/Changcai Honda/B&S/Longxin/Changcai
Blade  6-axis 6-tooth 85-picces  6-axis 6-tooth 105-picces  6-axis 6-tooth 105-picces  6-axis 6-tooth 105-picces
Milling Depth 0-5mm 0-5mm 0-5mm 0-5mm
Milling Width 200mm 250mm 250mm 300mm
Size 120x70x130mm 120x70x130mm 120x70x130mm 120x70x130mm
Weight 120kg 150kg 160kg 230kg

Concrete Scarifier Video

When To Use A Concrete Scarifier

Concrete floors or asphalt roads will produce various kinds of wear and tear after a long time of use, if these wear and tear are not repaired in time it is easy to trip over pedestrians and cause other losses. If you want to repair these damaged areas, you need to use concrete scarifier, which can efficiently remove the damaged concrete from the surface of the floor/pavement so that the damaged areas can be repaired. In addition, when renewing some old signs and warning lines on the road, concrete scarifier can also be used to mill off these old signs and warning lines to facilitate the construction of new warning lines. Therefore, concrete scarifier is widely used in the repair and renovation of various roads, sidewalks, bridges, warehouses and parking lots.

For surface coating removal (such as some epoxy flooring and plastic sports fields), it is generally not recommended to use concrete scarifier because it not only removes the surface coating, but also damages the foundation under the coating. Generally, electric scrapers are better at this kind of coating removal work.


Concrete Scarifier Vs Concrete Grinder

The concrete grinder can be used to repair concrete that is not severely damaged on the surface. The surface repaired with this machine is smooth and does not require any further treatment to achieve the desired result. For more severely damaged concrete surfaces, the concrete planer is more efficient (single milling depth up to 5 mm), but the surface is rough and requires further treatment to achieve the desired result.

Concrete Planer Vs Concrete Grinder

How To Choose Between A Concrete Scarifier And Grinder

The concrete scarifier’s greater milling effort makes it a better choice for heavy-duty concrete surface preparation applications. Use them for high-production tasks where speed is critical.

Concrete grinder mills less aggressively than the concrete scarifier, making it a better choice for jobs that require high precision and less force. Typical examples of grinder applications include breaking up grease deposits, removing industrial contaminants and polishing concrete surfaces containing fine grit. They are also ideal for removing surface imperfections such as uneven marks and various graffiti.


How To Use a Concrete Scarifier

  • When using the machine, check the state of the machine to ensure that the fuel of the machine is sufficient and all parts are in good condition.
  • Choose different tools according to different construction sites. The following are two commonly used tools, one is used for concrete floor milling and the other is used for asphalt road milling.


  • Adjust the depth of milling as needed, and set it by rotating the handle on the machine. The depth of single milling is generally 5mm. If you want to plan deeper, you need multiple milling.
  • During construction, the traveling speed of the machine should be controlled, and the machine should not be pushed with great force, and the machine should be pushed forward with the progress of milling.


This is just one of the most important things to pay attention also and something that several novices don’t know about. Scarifiers are established to just eliminate a specific quantity of concrete per pass. The construction should not exceed the capacity of the machine, otherwise it will cause the following adverse consequences:

  1. Damage interior equipment components
  2. You can damage your tooling and/or the cage of the device
  3. Much less efficient in the long run because you’ll end up running into troubles, and also stress out or damage the equipment and tooling.

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