Concrete Bull Float

concrete bull float for sale

-Concrete Bull Float for Sale-

Concrete Bull Float is a kind of floor hand tool, mainly divided into magnesium alloy bull float and manganese steel bull float. It is mainly used for troweling and finishing of concrete surface, the same effect of the grinding plate of troweling machine. The angle can be adjusted freely with turbine adapter plate.

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Main features:

  1. Magnesium alloy bull floatis the best choice for concrete ground construction because of its excellent properties of wear resistance, light weight, impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
  2. The standard size of the base plate is 1200 * 200 (can be customized), and can be soldtogether with the whole set of adjustment bracket and aluminum tube .
  3. The handle aluminum tube is provided with a connecting buckle, and the length can be increased according to your needs.
  4. The aluminum pipe support is connected between the large trowel blade and the aluminum alloy handle to ensure the stable operation of the blade in the construction process. The angle of the blade with the turbine adapter plate can be adjusted according to your needs.concrete bull float for sale