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Hiking ride on trowel has three series including T,S and F, it has high cost performance, they are able to meet customers’ different requirements. Our machine are equipped with imported Japanese Honda and American Platon high-performance reducer, it has excellent stability and durability. We can ship to all over the world, your inquiry will be warm welcomed.

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sn80 riding trowel

SN-80 Mini Riding Trowel

t100 ride on power float

T80-100 Ride On Power Float

$6,800.00 $4,300.00
f100 ride on concrete trowel

F100 Ride On Concrete Trowel


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F100 Ride On Trowel

F100 Ride on trowel is a new product with excellent performance launched by Hiking in 2020. This machine lowers the center of gravity on the basis of the original model and has better stability. The body is made of thick steel tube, which significantly improves the machine’s robustness and service life. At the same time, it also makes the machine gain more weight, which can produce better compaction effect on the floor. The machine is equipped with our company’s newly developed aluminum shell maintenance – free plus large reducer, which has extreme stability and durability.

T100 Ride On Trowel

T100 ride on trowel developed by Hiking machinery that has a high performance cost ratio, the machine use Honda and Platon engine as power, high performance oversize aluminum case reducer, it has good stability and durability. The machine has two sizes to choose including 30” and 36”, both of them have a good price, they are suitable for customers who have lower budget.


Operation method of ride on trowel is very simple, it only has two operating rod. When operator push or pull both of the operating rod, the machine will move forward or backward. When operating rod are pulled left or right, the machine will move to left or right. When one operating rod push forward and another pull backward, the machine will turn around relevantly. Compared with Hiking concrete power float, ride on power trowel has higher efficiency( generally efficiency enhanced more than 5 times), labor investment is greatly decreased. It is more labor-saving for operator to operate riding trowel machine than operate walk behind power float, it decrease labor intensity of operator. Operation of ride on trowel machine is very simple, but if you want to use it to burnish a beautiful surface, the operator is required to be experienced. Because rider power trowel is heavy, if the construction is burnished unevenly it will cause the floor rough.

Ride on trowel is suitable for concrete slurry, plastering, polishing for the surface of cement and widely used on the concrete floor construction of standard factory buildings, warehouses, parking lots, squares, frame buildings and other buildings.

The ride on trowel machine can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. More efficient than the armrest polisher, the machine equipped with double cutter heads has larger weight and better effect on the ground. The machine can be installed with two lifting discs at the same time for rapid pulping. Mechanical steering operation system is responsive and easy to operate. Equipped with Honda electric start engine, it provides strong and reliable power. The machine is designed with a safety emergency switch which can quickly shut down the engine and provide greater safety. The low center of gravity is designed to make the operation more stable and comfortable.

ride on trowel

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