VB301 Concrete Power Screed (1.6hp) Honda GX35 Engine

Original price was: $2,150.00.Current price is: $780.00.

The VB301 Concrete Power Screed, produced by HIKING Machinery, is an advanced solution in ground leveling technology. In this special offer, the VB301 is priced at only 30% of comparable models, making it an excellent price-performance ratio. Despite our good price, we do not compromise on service. On the contrary, we assure you of a one-year warranty service consistent with our other products.

What sets the VB301 apart is not just its unbeatable price but also its superior performance and reliable quality. The blade is made of a 6ft magnesium-aluminum alloy that resists concrete corrosion efficiently, ensuring a more uniform vibration for enhanced leveling efficiency. Additionally, the Honda GX35 1.6HP gas powered engine delivers powerful output and ensures stable operation with a low failure rate. The VB301 power screed machine is designed with user convenience in mind. It features an adjustable handle height and a fully sealed vibration module, which improves the user experience and equipment durability.

This special promotion aims to offer our customers an invaluable product experience, ensuring both high efficiency and durability, making the VB301 an ideal partner for construction site leveling.

We are excited to announce a special offer for 2024 – 30 units of the VB301 concrete power screed at cost price (780.00 USD), equipped with a robust Honda GX35 gasoline engine and a 6ft magnesium-aluminum alloy vibrating blade. This limited-time deal is available until it is sold out.

Please note: The promotional offer is limited to the 6ft vibrating blade due to cost and transport limitations. We recommend visiting the link for the full-priced VB301 products to explore various lengths. / If VB301 type is out of stock, we will upgrade it to VB303 or VB305 (Honda engine type) for free.

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Product Overview

HIKING Machinery has established new standards in the construction equipment industry through superior manufacturing technology and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our VB301 model exemplifies this dedication and innovative spirit, providing customers unparalleled work efficiency and maximum economic value. 


Product nameVB301 Concrete Power Screed
EngineHONDA GX35
Engine Type4 Stroke
Transmission MethodLong shaft drive
Blade Board Width6ft



  • The VB301 is the most cost-effective Honda GX35 gas powered screed on the market. It offers better value than comparable products, costing only 30% of competitors’ charges. The perfect price makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers.
  • HIKING Machinery produces the VB301, and it comes with a 1-year warranty service, demonstrating confidence in product quality and a strong commitment to our customers.
  • The screed is made of durable materials. The blade is made of a corrosion-resistant magnesium-aluminum alloy. It is thickened to ensure a uniform vibration force, enhancing work efficiency and quality.
  • The Honda GX35 1.6HP gasoline engine provides robust power and stability while maintaining a low failure rate, ensuring the reliability and durability of the equipment.
  • The design is user-friendly. The operator can adjust the handle height to match their height, providing a more ergonomic experience and reducing work fatigue.

Product Usage

concrete power screed machine are versatile tools used in various projects to level and smooth wet concrete surfaces. They can be applied in a multitude of concrete placement scenarios, such as:

  • Small residential projects
  • Large-scale commercial undertakings

Regardless of the project’s scale, concrete power screeds ensure that the concrete is distributed evenly and consistently, maintaining proper thickness. They have also found unconventional uses beyond concrete, making them a staple tool in the construction industry

VB301 Honda power screed is powered by petrol engines. petrol powered screeds are known for their higher power, making them suitable for large scale and demanding projects. However in confined spaces, it produce exhaust emissions that could be harmful. For this reason, the VB301 honda concrete power screed should only be used in well-ventilated workplaces.


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    Weight 18 kg
    Dimensions 110 × 30 × 26 cm


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