hydraulic roller screed

GPJ-300H Hydraulic Roller Screed

Price: $1,800.00$5,600.00

Shipping: Can be shipped worldwide, the specific freight please inquiry us! (leave a message or email us)

Hiking machinery offers you high quality hydraulic roller screed, powered by a mobile hydraulic station for easy transport and strong power to drive heavier roller screed tubes.

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PACKING LIST: The machine contains powered and unpowered handles, fixed plugs (at both roller tube ends) and some supporting tools.

NOTICE: You can use your own mobile hydraulic station, or buy one from us.

ROLLER TUBE: You can buy aluminum tube or steel tube (inner diameter: 110mm) as spin tube screed Locally, and you can also buy our connectable roller tube system.

The gpj-300h hydraulic roller screed is designed for use in high areas, sweeping the material forward in a roll. The striker tube rests on formwork or on cold slabs, and the spinning tube tries to return itself back over the previous strike area. This easy return allows for aggressive cuts into the delivery area, followed by a quick retreat. The hiking striker roller screed is powered by a hydraulic system, with the driver handle coupling to one end of the striker tube. This allows the operator to control the rotation of the striker tube. The cold handle is a device that is pulled by the operator in order to draw the tube over the slab surface.

hydraulic-roller-screed hydraulic-roller-screed hydraulic-roller-screed

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