S940-p Ride On Concrete Laser Screed Machine


S940-p ride on laser screed is featured with simple operation and complete functions, which can greatly improve work efficiency and ground smoothness. Main advantages: 1.Use rear engine; 2. Use articulated design; 3. Use 35 hp super-large engine; 4. Use Rexroth hydraulic system; 5. Use more advanced multi-functional leveling head; 6. Use planetary reducer 7. Use hydraulic vibration; 8. Use high-precision Lycra laser system.

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s940-p ride on laser screed machine

ModelBriggs&stratton V-type engine
Engine power35HP
Start upElectric start
Fuel tank capacityGasoline 17L
Walking system
Walking modeWheeled
Drive SystemHydraulic motor four-wheel drive
Drive controlElectric control hydraulic system
Leveling system
Paving methodAuger paving
Vibration frequency4200 times / minute
Vibration force1000N
Work efficiency200m2-500m2/hour
Laser control systemLeica brand
Elevation controlDouble hydraulic cylinder
Laser controlLaser scanning
Control effectPlane, slope or double slope
Maximum ground clearance350mm
Tire model100/900-21Anti-solid narrow tire (inflatable wide tire)
Net weight1000kg
Machine size2880X3100X1060mm
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    The s940 laser screed equipped with 35hp high-powered Bailiton engine, the machine has great power.
    By adopting German imported Rexroth hydraulic system, the machine is more stable and durable. Hydraulic system is fully electronic controlled, which makes machine operation more convenient and accurate.
    The variable displacement hydraulic pump of Rexroth 28cc imported from Germany has stable performance and provides abundant power for the machine.
    The gravity distribution is more reasonable by using a rear-mounted engine.
    The machine has a stronger flattening effect With the high-speed hydraulic vibration of Danfoss imported from the United States.
    The s940 laser screed machine adopts more advanced and reasonable design of leveling head with the width of leveling head is 2.8 meters, which offers better leveling effect.
    the wheels of the s940p laser screed
    Using four-wheel drive and planetary reducer, the machine can run freely in deeper concrete.
    The machine is equipped with feeding screw, which saves more labor.
    Advanced articulated design provides the machine more the turning angle and more flexible operation .
    Forward and backward, steering and speed adjustment is achieved by using electronic rocker operation, which is more simple and accurate.
    laser system of s940-p ride on laser screed
    The Lycra laser system offers higher accuracy.
    wheels of s940-p ride on laser screed
    Free off-road solid anti-strength tires can be used in concrete leveling conditions without reinforced mesh or thick mesh. And Free with vacuum wide tires, it can be used under the condition of finer mesh.

    Comparison between HIKING laser screed and the traditional crafts

    1. Reducing labor costs, improving efficiency doubled

    Using traditional construction process needs more workers for supporting template (channel), RBI, paving, needing about 20 persons. The construction area per day is 800-1500㎡.

    Using HIKING laser concrete screed can reduce the overall number of people to 4-8 persons. It can also be operated by one person.  The construction area per day can be improved to 2000㎡—3500㎡, greatly reducing the labor costs.

    1. Laser point-to-point, high-precision, low error.

    Traditional craft leveling needs to support templates to control surface elevation and pull control line. Elevation error is larger. Entire levelness and flatness of the floor can not be guaranteed.

    Using laser point emitter is applicable to disposable paving in a large area. The laser measurement and control system controls the elevation anytime,  it does not need to pull the control line when leveling, it does not also need to support side templates to control ground level, thus avoiding the elevation error caused by template (channel) shock during the construction process, also reducing the elevation error caused by Traditional artificial block formworks.

    1. Better flatness and integrity

    Traditional construction process needs one day for formworks and one day for pouring mercury, so they can only jump for construction from one piece to another, there is a large limitation here they can not do continuous operation, and there exists a bad integrity and it is easy to cumulative errors in construction joints.

    HIKING laser concrete screed will have a greater efficiency and flatness for the disposable overall paving with a large area of floor. The completion of the entire floor will make a better ground integrity. The traditional construction process can not complete this.

    The ground will be even more dense and uniform.frequency vibrator of 4000 times per minute will let the vibrator of leveling head produce an uniform high frequency vibration to make even more dense concrete floor.

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      Weight 1200 kg
      Dimensions 320 × 160 × 180 cm


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