W60 Mini Power Trowel (24″  B&S Engine 5.5hp)


With the W60 mini power trowel, you can say goodbye to the labour-intensive task of manually troweling concrete! Equipped with on-board rotating rings, this device can precisely smooth or polish concrete surfaces against walls, door frames, or pillars – places traditional trowels struggle to reach. The W60 overcomes the limitations of traditional trowels, offering smooth finishes even in hard-to-reach areas and is suitable for various types of concrete leveling tasks. Not only does it save manpower, but it also boosts work efficiency. Take advantage of our special offer and step into the future of concrete finishing with the W60 mini power trowel today!

Big discount: buy this trowel machine and we will gift you 3 sets float pans and 3 sets of blades.

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Product Overview

The W60 mini power trowel is dual-purpose (using flattening and calendering blades). When the machine is used, the flattening blade is first and then the calendering. It is mainly used for polishing, calendering and edge closing of various concrete floors. It is compact, flexible, easy to operate, both time-saving and labor-saving. The machine is 8-10 times more efficient than manual concrete troweling.

  • W60 mini power trowel adopts a foldable fuselage design, which is easy to carry and saves space.
  • The W60 mini power trowel’s thickened machine handle is solid, durable, and in line with the ergonomic design angle.
  • The diameter of the thickened protective plate is 1 cm longer than the blade, so the edge closing work has no dead angle.

Specifications Of W60 Mini Power Trowel

Working Diameter60cm/24”
Packing Size700x200x690

Product Usage

The use of the W60 mini power trowel is to burnish leveled coarse floor to make it more smooth and bright. Using a concrete finish machine, the FF value of the floor can be enhanced, floor or slab will be more smooth in partial. No matter what tool is used, smooth is the last purpose for concrete trowel work. The working efficiency of a trowel machine is much faster than a manual trowel, and most customers purchase power trowels to enhance construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, and decrease labor input.

The W60 is also a concrete edger designed to refine the edges of concrete surfaces close to walls easily and precisely.


How long will it take to receive the machine after purchase?

We can only transport it via sea freight for larger equipment like the W60 mini power trowel. The delivery time varies for different countries. Please consult with us for specific details.

What kind of after-sales service is provided?

Our W60 mini power trowel comes with a free one-year warranty and a lifetime service at cost. If any non-manmade faults occur within one year, we will provide free spare parts by mail. 


If you need to know more about the machine, Please leave your contact in the below from, We will contact you in 24 hours.

    Weight 80 kg
    Dimensions 82 × 83 × 85 cm

    B&S RX5, Vanguard 5.0, Honda GX160


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