DB-100 Double Blade Power Trowel

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DB-100 Double blade power trowel is our newest double blade walk behind concrete finisher. This machine adopts the design of two blades, compared with the ordinary walk behind power trowel, it has a larger working area and higher efficiency, with better stability. At the same time compared to the ride on type of double disc trowel, it has better visibility and more convenient operation. Equipped with 9 HP B&G engine and maintenance-free reducer, the machine has plenty of power and durability to meet the requirements of all kinds of concrete floor projects.

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DB-100 Double Blade Power Trowel Data

Type DB-100 Double blade power trowel
Engine B&G
Power 7HP
Blade Size 90CM*2/100CM*2
Max Blade Speed 150 rpm
Weight 130kg
Size 200*100*45CM

DB-100 Double Blade Power Trowel Features

  1. This power trowel machine adopts double cutter design with higher stability and better effect of concrete finish.
  2. Equipped with 9hp high horsepower engine with strong power, with double blade design, the construction efficiency is twice as much as ordinary power trowel.
  3. Walk behind design, with a better view during construction, more convenient to use.
  4. Equipped with maintenance-free reducer, with a high service life.
  5. The body of the machine is made of thickened steel pipe, which is durable and corrosion resistant.
  6. A set of thickened blades and a set of wear-resistant discs are free with the purchase of the machine.
  7. Adjustable operating handle, suitable for operators of different heights to operate the machine.
  8. Equipped with blade angle adjustment handle, the angle of the smoothing machine blade can be precisely adjusted.
  9. Compared with the ride on power trowel this machine is smaller in size, easy to transport, can be suitable for a variety of small area of indoor flooring projects.

Applications Of DB-100 Double Blade Power Trowel

Like other walk behind power trowel, this trowel is a general purpose concrete finisher, which can be used for all kinds of concrete finishing projects of all sizes. Compared to the ride on power trowel, it is smaller in size, easier to transport, and has a wider range of applications.


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