SNJ2250 Electric Start Gas Pressure Washer (1885-5080PSI High-Pressure, 8-18GPM)


The SNJ2250 electric start gas pressure washer is a versatile cleaning apparatus provided by HIKING Machinery, specially designed for a variety of cleaning tasks. It is crafted to wash various concrete equipment and large vehicles, clean construction site debris, remove sand from casting surfaces, dust steel surfaces, unclog pipes, and strip coatings or paint. It boasts a powerful electric start gasoline engine, reaching a maximum power of 37 horsepower, coupled with a high-quality high-pressure plunger pump. This machine can produce up to 5080 PSI of pressure and deliver water flow rates of 18 gallons per minute.

The SNJ2230 electric start gas pressure washer features a 50-meter-long hose reel-style spray gun and a selection of interchangeable nozzles, offering flexible and diverse utility. Compared to similar products, it provides robust power, lasting quality, and reliable performance, ensuring it meets a variety of high-pressure washing needs.

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Product Overview

As a revered manufacturer of cleaning equipment in the industry, HIKING Machinery has won the trust of global customers with its rigorous production standards and outstanding technical capabilities. The SNJ2230 electric start gas pressure washer embodies years of the company’s design and manufacturing expertise to offer unparalleled high-pressure cleaning performance.


ModelPressureFlowEnginePowerPipe length
SNJ2250-113Mpa/1885psi70L/min 18gpmgasoline engine27hp50m
SNJ2250-215Mpa/2175psi60L/min 16gpmgasoline engine27hp50m
SNJ2250-320Mpa/2900psi70L/min 18gpmgasoline engine37hp50m
SNJ2250-423Mpa/3335psi60L/min 16gpmgasoline engine37hp50m
SNJ2250-535Mpa/5080psi30L/min 8gpmgasoline engine27hp50m


  • The electric start gas pressure washer with the option to choose up to 37 horsepower, guarantees sustained power for a range of intense cleaning operations. The electric start feature simplifies the ignition process and reduces the potential for human error.
  • A high-quality high-pressure plunger pump generates an exceptional 5080 PSI pressure, ensuring vigorous cleaning results in various operations. The pump’s durability also makes it suitable for extended high-pressure cleaning tasks.
  • The maximum flow rate of 18 GPM increases efficiency when cleaning large surface areas or intricate structures, rapidly handling stubborn dirt to ensure a thorough clean.
  • The 50-meter-long spray gun hose facilitates cleaning over large areas. A reel design prevents tangling during use, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • A variety of nozzle designs cater to different cleaning operations, ensuring that each task can be approached with the correct nozzle. A quick-change system reduces work interruptions and significantly improves efficiency.

The SNJ2230 electric start gas pressure washer is suitable for washing concrete equipment, large vehicles, construction site debris, casting surfaces, steel surfaces, and pipes and for removing various types of coatings or paint. Its extensive utility provides multifunctional cleaning solutions for customers in different fields.


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    Weight 300 kg
    Dimensions 110 × 110 × 110 cm

    SNJ2250-1, SNJ2250-2, SNJ2250-3, SNJ2250-4, SNJ2250-5


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